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eBay Promotes Tablet Trade-ins in Advance of Next Gen iPad

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Forty-nine percent of today's Apple iPad owners live in households with income above $100,000, according to ComScore, but the number of below-$100K households owning iPads is growing - 5.6% of total iPad consumers are in households that earn less than $25,000 (nearly 900,000 people).

With Wednesday's launch of the third generation iPad, those numbers will grow. Knowing that current owners will be tempted to trade in their old generation iPads for the newer model, eBay announced a promotion in which customers can lock-in top-dollar values for tablet trade-ins, including up to $475 for the iPad 2.

The promotion is part of its trade-in program called eBay Instant Sale. Customers can lock-in their trade-in offer through March 10, and eBay Instant Sale will allow them to wait until March 20 to ship their tablet for trade, giving them time to purchase and receive the new iPad, which becomes available on March 16.

Since launching in October 2010, more than 640,000 tablet trade-in offers have been generated through eBay Instant Sale. Of the total tablet offers generated, 94% have been for iPad models, 4% have been for Android tablets, and 2% have been for tablets running other operating systems.

In addition, in order to try and protect consumers turning to eBay to find the new model, eBay has placed restrictions on pre- and post-sales of the third generation Apple iPad. Prior to the launch date of March 16, sellers must be in full compliance with eBay's Presale policy, and the following restrictions apply:

  • Apple authorized resellers will be allowed to list up to 25 items per week.
  • eBay Top-rated sellers will be allowed to list up to 4 items per week.
  • All sellers meeting our minimum performance standards will be allowed to list 1 item per week.
  • All sellers must upload tracking information or Delivery Confirmation to My eBay upon shipment.
  • Only sellers registered in the United States or Canada on, eBay Motors or eBay Canada will be able to participate in this event.

Sellers who do not meet eBay's minimum performance standards, have not confirmed their personal information, or have not completed a successful sale on eBay will not be allowed to list the Apple iPad (3rd Generation) during the presale period.

eBay will ease restrictions once the Apple iPad (3rd Generation) is made available to the public.

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