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Amazon Dumps Seller Soapbox Discussion Board

Email This Story to a Friend is migrating sellers to a new discussion board platform, but something is missing. Sellers noticed right away that the new Amazon Seller Discussion Forums do not include a section from the old boards called Seller Soapbox, an area where sellers could chat about everything from online selling to politics.

There was often dissension among sellers on the Soapbox, and many sellers moved into "lurking" mode, choosing to post on privately hosted invitation-only boards instead. But there was just enough on-topic discussion to keep sellers coming back and to generate a thread on the new boards calling for the return of the Soapbox.

Amazon will moderate the new boards, and unlike the old boards where posters could use customer accounts, sellers who want to create a new post or thread on the new boards must log in to the Seller Discussion Forums with an active Amazon seller account. However, they will be able to change the display name for posting in the new forums.

Amazon said new features of the platform include a streamlined look-and-feel; user rankings by point system; messaging outside of forums; and single login for seamless integration with Amazon seller accounts. It also includes some new forums, including "Ask Amazon Seller Services."

Sellers will be able to participate in discussions on both the old and new Seller Discussion Forums for a short time. When the old forums are deprecated, the content will remain viewable in its current location but will not be copied into the new forums.

You can find the new Amazon Seller Discussion board here

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