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Consumers Willing to Share Brand Preferences on Social Networking Sites

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New data reveals that almost 80% of men are willing to share the brands they like on social networking sites, and only 7% said they would definitely not. Slightly fewer women are also willing to share liked brands (76%), but almost 10% said they would definitely not be willing to share that information on social networking sites.

The findings come as brands and retailers look for ways to promote their products on social sites such as Facebook., which provides survey services including targeted audiences and technologies, surveyed nearly 600 adult men and women about the social media sites they frequent and the kind of information they share online using its own SurveyBuilder offering.

uSamp's "Social Media Habits and Privacy Concerns" study found that Facebook was the most popular social networking site among survey respondents - over 80% reported logging on to Facebook, compared to YouTube (46%), Twitter (33%) and MySpace (32%).

uSamp also found that while users of popular social media sites are generally comfortable with the sites and visit them regularly, they also have serious reservations about privacy and security on the social web.

While 64% of respondents said they were either "very comfortable" or "somewhat comfortable" with the level of privacy protection on social media sites, 28% expressed some level of discomfort about privacy protections. And among those who don't use social media at all, 73% cited privacy concerns as their rationale for not participating.

While women are just as willing to provide personal information about their relationships, jobs, brand preferences and political and religious affiliations as men, they are significantly more wary than men when it comes to details such as phone numbers, email and physical addresses.

uSamp's study would indicate brands must think carefully about the type of information they ask consumers to share on social networking sites.

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