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Phishing Scammers Could Exploit Vulnerabilities on eBay and PayPal

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A Romanian "security enthusiast" said he discovered new cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities on PayPal and eBay that could be used by fraudsters to create very credible phishing attacks, according to Softpedia. A Forbes blog post explains in more detail how the alleged PayPal flaw works. PayPal did not respond to AuctionBytes inquiry about the reports by press time.*

Phishing is a serious problem for eBay - fraudsters use phishing scams to trick account holders and then hijack their accounts, as described in this AuctionBytes Newsflash article from March.

*Update 10/7/10: PayPal Chief Information Security Officer Michael Barrett responded to our inquiry about the cross-site scripting vulnerabilities on Thursday via email, and said the research had not informed PayPal of the vulnerabilities before going public:

"Security of our customers' information is the number one priority at PayPal and the potential vulnerability was fixed within hours of being made public yesterday.

"No customers were affected. We value our partnership with the security community and collaborate closely with them when we receive notification of an issue. In this case, the researcher decided to make his discovery public without informing PayPal in advance. We highly recommend any researcher who finds a potential vulnerability report it to PayPal ( before going public. In that way we can all ensure that the Internet remains as safe as possible from malicious activity."

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