EcommerceBytes-NewsFlash, Number 2050 - June 03, 2009     3 of 4 Selling Goods under Pinzon and Strathwood Private Labels

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There's been some buzz generated this week about's private label offerings. However, Amazon has been selling products under two in-house brands for several years with little fanfare. launched Strathwood, an Amazon private label brand, in April 2004 with Outdoor Patio Furniture, Décor and Lighting categories. It launched Pinzon by in October 2005 with Bedding and Utility, Bath Towels, Tabletop, Kitchen Utensils and Knives categories, and in 2008, it introduced Pinzon Indoor Furniture. works with manufactures in over 10 countries, including the U.S., to design and source products in the Home & Garden category. A spokesperson said, "Our private label product lines offer our customers quality and value on basic, everyday items. We can't comment on sales specifically but we think customers have responded very positively to our private label lines." When asked if would expand into additional categories, she said, "We are always evaluating where we can deliver quality and value to our customers through our private label brands."

The spokesperson said Amazon's private label items appear in search results and product rankings in the same way other products are surfaced on the site, and she said Amazon focuses on what's in the best interest of their customers. "We believe that our customers appreciate the vast selection we offer through our private label lines, retail products and through our third-party merchant partners."

Pinzon products

Strathwood products

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