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Sellers Choice 2015 Marketplace Ratings: Zibbet

By Ina & David Steiner

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In January 2015, EcommerceBytes surveyed over 12,000 online sellers and asked them to rate the marketplaces on which they had experience selling. An introduction to the Sellers Choice survey along with a summary of the overall ratings can be found here, along with links to results for each of the 12 online marketplaces included in the survey.


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Year Established: 2009
Description: Fixed price; handmade, art, crafts and supplies
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Zibbet came in eleventh place in the 2015 Sellers Choice Awards for Online Marketplaces. When Etsy made the controversial decision to expand the definition of handmade and allow sellers to use some outside manufacturing of "handmade" goods, many flocked to Zibbet. But a promised revamp of the website clearly disappointed some respondents who say key features were removed with the relaunch of the site.

There are some enthusiastic responses nevertheless, but many respondents say the sales are just not there.

Best to read the comments respondents left for more background on some of the drama that has taken place and the "the good, the bad, and the ugly."

Zibbet received a 3.38 in Profitability; a 4.57 in Customer Service; a 4.59 in Communication; and a 4.72 in Ease of Use. It received a 3.98 from sellers when asked, "How likely are you to recommend Zibbet as a selling venue to a friend or colleague?"

Reader Comments:The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Zibbet is excellent at keeping sellers informed and making changes in line with ebb and flow of sellers busy times. They often inquire with sellers before making changes and truly listen to us.

Zibbet is still young and very open to the sellers. I hope they keep doing it for a long time. Still growing and improving. I quite enjoy this venue.

I am a premium lifetime seller. I have no fees. Unlimited listings for me. When I ask the CEO a question, I get a response from the CEO. They believe handmade should be handmade.

There is a lot to love about Zibbet: the prompt and courteous customer service, for one. I've received emails from the site's owner in response to inquiries I've made. Zibbet is a site where the sellers' input is truly taken into consideration (as regards to design and features). Zibbet was majorly overhauled this past year and I love the clean look. My only gripe is the lack of customers. I do need to drive my own traffic to this venue. Very few new customers discover me on Zibbet (as opposed to Etsy).

Zibbet's website is very easy to maneuver, especially since their updates. I think they are still new however and not much traffic flows to their site. Given time maybe they will increase in customer base.

Just last year 2014 Zibbet team redesigned the site for us. The only challenge with Zibbet is that it not widely known yet, but the sellers are working on that everyday to get the word out about Zibbet. It is truly dedicated to staying a handmade site along with vintage, art & supplies. The founders of the site are very hands on open to talk to us... A lot of us came to Zibbet from Etsy when Etsy changed their handmade policies.

Easy to use, communication is excellent! Cost to sell is wonderful. Presentation of shop and items is great. Easy to make changes.

I had a small problem with billing and the people at Zibbet went above and beyond to help me. They are much much cheaper to sell on than any other venue I use.

Zibbet was awesome for sales before they restructured their site. We sold a ton there and literally have only sold two or three items since they restructured. It is disheartening as we loved them!

I have not sold much on Zibbet, but it's hard for any handmade marketplace to get out from under Etsy's shadow. I hope that when buyers realize Etsy is no longer a true handmade marketplace they will look for alternate places to shop. Zibbet is that place! They have great customer service and they are easy to use.

Issues are minimal and customer service is amazing. They normally respond within 24 hours to any question or issue.

Like the fact you have direct access to CEO. Always get answers. Site is very easy to use. Fee's are very low and reasonable !! Works well with social media sites!!

It's small but going places. With the right features added and the proposed additions in the upcoming year it has a lot of potential in the coming year. It has a better look than Etsy with lower fees, but not nearly as much internal traffic or shop features. Selling on Zibbet requires you to drive most of your own traffic to the site.

Speak up about bad experiences on Zibbet's forums, and they'll ban you. But I guess that doesn't matter anymore, they've made a post that it's not OK to post anything bad at all. This site has no traffic. Heck, with their new "update" you can't even search by store name anymore. How is anyone supposed to find a shop? Trying to list an item for sale is an exercise in patience. When trying to load images, the site stalls out more often than not. Completely worthless.

Was on Zibbet for almost a year. Sales were minimal. Website was clunky. Traffic was nonexistent. Have only ventured over there a few times since their website redo. Basically just changed the look of the thing, but not much of the value of the underlying content. Not confident in the ability of the site to bring in traffic for me. Only sales I had were due to me bringing in my own buyers and from other sellers. NO outside sales from non Zibbet sellers the whole time. Moved my shop over there in October 2013 due to the Etsy hubbub. Regret moving my shop. Consider it one of the worst business decisions I've made since I started selling. Recommend to anyone who will listen to stay away

Zibbet has not developed as hoped. It does not attract the buying public. Traffic to the site has flat lined. The owners need to bring in a consultant to reinvigorate the site.

Sad to say there are no customers on Zibbet just a handful of buyers supporting each other, the site owners had the chance to build a great site but unfortunately they dropped the ball.

It has done nothing for me. I will be taking my products off there soon.

I wasted a couple of hundred dollars on Premium stores on Zibbet. Nothing they said in their promo about the Premium site was true and they refused to refund me. They don't submit to Google, The Find, Bing, or anywhere else as they promised and the site itself never functioned well. I warn everyone away from them. Even Etsy is better.

I have had items listed on this site and have actually sold ONE on there. One item in approx. 4 years doesn't tell me much about the popularity of this site though! I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone who had a store front and wanted to sell online.

These folks had a big chance when Etsy invited the Chinese, and threw both vintage & handmade under the bus. They blew it. Supposed overhaul left the site looking like before. No valuable new options for sellers. Blew a year, waiting for something to change, but the overhaul was a joke. Nowhere near enough categories. No HTML. One more white on white Etsy knockoff site. No more way to stand out here, than on Etsy. I don't understand how anyone can say that any shops stand out, Here, or on Etsy.

Zibbet's customer service is great because the CEO's participate regularly in the forums. However, with past ties of the CEO's coming to light...I really don't want to tie myself into a company that works with Dinar scams or has deep religious ties. The traffic to the site is non-existent. Their rebuilds take forever and always fall greatly short of their goal.

This site is an epic fail in every respect. The owners have conflicts of interest and do not give their full attention to the site. They censor their site and follow their sellers around on social media to see if negative comments are being made about Zibbet. It's all quite pathetic really.

Zibbet has made a lot of promises over the years and has never delivered. Total waste of time. They had the chance to attract sellers unhappy with Etsy and Artfire. They blew it. Too bad. Could have been a good site if managed properly.

One sale in over a year. No traffic to this site. Also automatically signed me up for a second year without my knowledge.

Zibbet = no traffic; darn shame.

Zibbet this year launched a long promised and awaited site revision. When they rolled out the new site, in addition to all the glitches, there were features missing that had never been discussed being taken away and problems that will never be rectified, causing the shop owners there hours of work to fix. Features that were previously a part of the old site, that were discussed as not being a part of the immediate roll out, but were promised to be added back in later were not, and still have not been. After a few months, instead of concentrating on fixing continuing issues with the site they launched a whole new lifetime subscription campaign, with three levels, $299, $499, $999, with a promise that those who subscribed would be given access to stand alone websites earlier than anyone else. I had opened new shop, based on the new site roll out, giving time for glitches to be resolved, but when this was announced, I closed it before even listing my items due to all of the still unresolved problems and undelivered promises. (I had another shop there prior to rollout, but no sales, which I had also closed.) Many months later, there are still many issues with the site, including the site and shop search functions, which are abysmal failures.

With regard to the problems with the site search, it had been announced that search problems had all been fixed, but it was proved in the forums, with examples, that it had not been at all. Those posts were not responded to by admin at all and nothing about it has been addressed since.

No traffic, and the "big update" basically killed the site. If you voice a difference of opinion with the owners, you're banned. The site isn't crawled by search engines, so it's nearly impossible to drive traffic to your Zibbet shop. Invisible.

They are trying, but for some reason the sales just aren't happening. Also, several extremely important details are still missing after the relaunch, like being able to do a seller search, and favorite (or save) shops and items of interest. It is impossible to do a search and then go back to a previously viewed item to make a purchase. Sales are lost! It's difficult for buyers to find you once they leave your shop!

My store received very little traffic. When I would tell people I had a store on Zibbet, they had no idea what I was talking about. Also, instructions on how to list items is not explained very well. They assume you already know how to sell online.

There is no semblance of running a selling venue. All effort is put into scamming people into signing up for yearly or lifetime memberships. The new site rollout was a debacle and is still having issues. I would warn everyone away from Zibbet.

Did not provide features they advertised and I paid for. Zero traffic. No stability and owners who appear to have an agenda that doesn't include supporting sellers.

I have had 2 pro shops here for almost a year with zero sales. The promised rebuild was a disaster and the traffic is zero. Getting less than 1 view a day and have hundreds of items. If I have to spend all my time sending traffic to my shop, it won't be to Zibbet where it is easier for a shopper to leave a specific shop than to stay in it, it'll be to my own site. A dead loss as far as I'm concerned.

Total scam. Told shops that items were submitted to The Find and Google Shopping when they were not. Said a rebuild was coming, but when it was rolled out was not what they promised sellers. Owner encouraged shop owners to harass other shop owners. Forums no longer connected to selling site. No sales.

This is a seller beware site that is filled with misrepresentations of the site by the owners.

Not for a vintage seller. Waiting for it to catch on. ARTFIRE is far superior!!!!!

The only reason this venue is on the list is because the survey is seeded with their Church followers and Forum members haranguing each other. No cares nor sales on this crap show of a venue.

Zibbet has taken the handmade pledge and they are serious about staying with that philosophy. The Administrations are second to none. If you have a problem, they are right there to help you. Zibbet just rolled out a relaunch of the site. There are so many new and excellent features that have been added and a brand new clean look. I've belonged since 2009 and love it.

Up and coming. Less traffic, but stellar customer service. Decent sales.

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