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From the Editor - September 8, 2013

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This year, retailers are facing a unique situation in what's being called "Thanksgivukkah." According to this MarketWatch article, there may be two Black Fridays this year thanks to the fact that Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah fall on the same day - November 28th. Apparently retailers are wondering if early Hanukkah shoppers will extend the holiday shopping season or if it will result in weaker sales.

The biggest ecommerce controversy in recent weeks comes not from eBay, but from Etsy. The marketplace for handmade and vintage goods made a major change to its feedback system, and sellers were not happy. After an outpouring of criticism, the company said it would make some changes (it will add the ability for sellers to respond to reviews in the coming weeks), which we'll cover when the company provides details.

In today's issue, Julia Wilkinson sat down with BidStart's Mark Rosenberg to discuss how the marketplace has evolved from its roots as a stamps site to a broader collectibles site and its preparations for launching a suite of new seller tools. Greg Holden investigates a service that lets online merchants add a "name your price" button to product listings to engage bargain shoppers. And we reveal the 2013 Sellers Choice awards in the online payment services category.

Michele Alice provides an "ap-peal-ing" look at collectible bells, and we round out the issue with letters from readers.

We're also asking online sellers, what would you do with $50,000? Readers are weighing in on how they would use a cash infusion to improve their business or make their lives easier, and it's fascinating to read the comments in our quick poll survey, which you can take yourself via SurveyMonkey.

David recently noticed that the EcommerceBytes Twitter account was closing in on 10,000 followers. It inspired him to have a little fun by rewarding people for following us on Twitter (both current followers and new followers). Read Friday's EcommerceBytes Blog post to learn more - three $50 Amazon gift cards are at stake.

Thanks to everyone who engages with us on Twitter, other social networking sites, forums and on our blogs.

And thanks for reading!

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