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Top 5 Tools for Building Optimized eBay Item Titles

By Elad Darmon

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Many sellers on eBay don't understand the importance of choosing the right keywords when writing their eBay item title. As an eBay seller myself, I realized that building a truly optimized and converting item title is an extremely time-consuming task, spending most of the time in keywords research and collecting keywords from several resources.

This short article will help you save time and convert more sales on eBay, as it shows best practices and tools to help you build your next optimized eBay item title.

Item Title - Why Is It So Important?
An item title is part of any item listing. It is a short descriptive text which gives shoppers immediate information about your item.

In addition, item titles are used to locate listings through eBay, Amazon and Etsy's search engines, and it is one key element you can customize for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

eBay item title's length can be up to 80 characters (about 10-15 words), Amazon item title limit is 80-100 characters (depending on the item category), and Etsy item title length can populate 140 characters (25-30 keywords).

Where to find the Best Keywords for Item Titles?
A key concept when creating your item title is to know in advance what your potential customers are looking for when they search for items online.

Here is a short list of five online tools that collect and analyze buyer's online searches and allow sellers to know in advance the most popular keywords in every category.

1) Title Builder
One of the best free tools out there, simply called Title-Builder, helps online sellers to get the most searched keywords FAST.

Title-Builder creates a full item title in seconds, based on the top searched keywords on each eBay marketplace and in almost any language.

Title-Builder has a very simple visualization and UI (user interface) to show keyword search volume and competition level, it is accurate and up-to-date, and should give eBay sellers a great starting point when they search for suggested keywords for their item titles.


  • Simple visualization and UI;
  • Uses up-to-date eBay database;
  • Shows keywords Search Volume and Competition Level;
  • Available in many languages (EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, etc.);
  • Free.


  • Dedicated for eBay sellers.

2) eBay Pulse
A unique eBay marketplace feature called eBay Pulse shows the top 10 most searched keywords in every eBay category and sub-category (up to 3 category levels).

This data can help sellers get familiar with their potential customer's eBay searches and build better titles, as well as get to know product trends on each eBay category.

Apart from showing the top 10 keywords, eBay Pulse also shows a list of Largest Stores and Most Watched Items on each eBay category.

Since 2012, eBay Pulse is being updated once a month, according to eBay technical support, and it has a unique Pulse site for several international eBay marketplaces (UK, AUS, DE, FR, IT etc.).


  • Shows top 10 searched keywords in most eBay categories;
  • Unique eBay Pulse site for each international eBay marketplace;
  • Shows largest stores and most watched items;
  • Free.


  • Dedicated for eBay sellers;
  • Not intuitive UI.

3) Google Insights for Search
A unique free tool from Google and one of the biggest resources for any professional online seller, Google Insights for Search uses Google's database on all searches from around the world and shows three main aspects for each keyword:

  • Search volume over time;
  • Geographic interest;
  • Related keywords for each search query.

Google Insights for Search can help sellers decide when is the best time to sell their items, where they should find their customers, and what other keywords are frequently used by their potential customers.

Google Insights can even let you compare keywords and see which one is used more often, so it is really helpful when choosing the best keywords for your item title.


  • Uses up-to-date Google database;
  • Shows many keywords ideas in many languages;
  • Provides an international overview of search habits online;
  • Free.


  • Not dedicated to any specific ecommerce marketplace.

4) eBay Labs: Catman
eBay Labs is a collection of free tools and prototypes from eBay, designed to give sellers in-depth information regards search trends on

Catman shows up to 100 most searched keywords on each and every category, so we can refer Catman as an extension of eBay Pulse mentioned earlier.

Catman shows each keyword trends, as well as Top Bidding Items and Top Sellers in each eBay category.

Catman really helps eBay sellers get new keywords ideas and know in advance what's HOT on marketplace.


  • Uses up-to-date eBay database;
  • Shows keywords trends using actual eBay buyers search queries;
  • Provides an in-depth overview of search trends on;
  • Free.


  • Available only for U.S. eBay marketplace;
  • Uses a Flash UI affecting its speed.

5) Terapeak Title Builder
Terapeak is an Advanced E-Commerce Research System with a focus on providing eBay market insights. Terapeak's title builder creates unique relations between eBay Sold Items and the Keywords used on each sold item title.

This approach has the advantage of being "Results Oriented" and help sellers know exactly which keyword were used on successfully sold items on eBay, as well as item's Average Price, Maximum Price and Listing Quantities.

Terapeak's title builder is also available with international eBay marketplaces, and it is sure to help eBay sellers make better decisions when choosing the right keywords for their item titles.


  • Uses up-to-date eBay database of Sold Items;
  • Shows each keyword item's price statistics;
  • Available for international eBay sites;
  • Easy and simple user interface.


  • Not free.

The Bottom Line
Helping your customers find your eBay listings using a "Keywords Optimized" item title becomes an easy task when you have access to the top keywords in your niche.

Although it may seem like a good idea for getting more attention from eBay buyers, try to avoid unnecessary keywords or symbols in your title such as: L@@K, *AMAZING*, WOW!!! , etc. - No one is going to search for these words, and they get no attention if nobody sees it.

As a rule of thumb, try to "Get into your Buyer's Mind" and search for similar items to the one you are about to sell on eBay. Ask yourself: "What keywords would I type?" and use it as your starting point when using some of the tools I mentioned above.

I am sure these tools and principles will make your writing of optimized eBay item titles an easier and faster task, and help you get better results with your eBay business.

Now it is time to try it yourself...

About the author:

Elad Darmon is founder of, a site that educates eBay sellers in Israel, and is an enthusiastic buyer and professional eBay seller from Israel. Elad conducts weekly eBay courses and seminars as well as free online video tutorials in Hebrew about how to buy and sell on eBay.

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