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Sellers Choice Marketplace Ratings:

By Ina & David Steiner

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In January 2011, AuctionBytes surveyed almost 2,800 online sellers and asked them to rate the marketplaces on which they had experience selling. An introduction to the Sellers Choice survey along with a summary of the overall ratings can be found here, along with links to results for each of the 16 online marketplaces included in the survey.


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Year Established: 2009
Description: Handmade and vintage, fine art, and crafting supplies
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Zibbet came in thirteenth with an overall score of 4.8 Its highest marks were for Ease of Use (5.59) and its lowest marks were for Profitability (3.09).

Some respondents reported very low traffic and sales, and some said "the selling tools aren't there yet." Some sellers have a free shop, and seem more patient. "It's not well known yet. They have a really good site that's easy to use but I have not sold anything there....yet." While those paying a $7/month fee are less tolerant of low sales. " I will probably downgrade to a free shop this month, before my bill is due, said one seller, "It will probably be an up and comer in the future, but right now I am not promoting it and the $7 a month, even though it seems a small amount it adds up when no money is coming in."

Reader Comments - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly:
Zibbet has very low traffic, but for any seller who brings in their own customers via blog, etc., it is the best site, IMO. The page graphics are as nice as Etsy's (and I NEED a good backdrop for my product). The monthly fee and editing tools are comparable to Artfire's...or better. The seller forums have the highest morale of any site I know. Customer checkout is okay but could use a little improvement. I have my fingers crossed that they will stay in business. One day, when I downsize my inventory, I want Zibbet to be my only site.
Fairly new to Zibbet, but already making some sales.
I have a free shop on Zibbet, so everything I sell I keep, no fees at all. Although there are less options for me this way, I like they offer a free shop with the option to upgrade. The staff is readily available and answers and questions quickly. They also let the sellers know their business plans to some degree. We feel like we are part of the venue. The community of sellers is awesome, so willing to help and very supportive. I am optimistic that this site's traffic will continue to grow.
Friendly, open, communicative and eager to grow.
Nice clean interface that is easy to use for both buyers and sellers. Still need to grow but a worthy competitor. Like all the other sites, Zibbet is starting slowly. My sales are negligible so far but I expect that to change. They certainly seem to care about their sellers and the lifetime membership is great with no other fees. I hope as they grow they don't change in that way.
Zibbet is very young but seems to be up and coming. They are modeling themselves after Artfire, but does not seem to have the technology in place yet. It is a very nice site, but difficult to attract buyers and the selling tools aren't there yet.
They care about their sellers and may be a good site someday, but the site is just to confusing and busy.. and from what I saw not much traffic.
I joined Zibbet at the time they offered the lifetime fee of $7 a month. I have been paying ever since and even though I have moved all of my listings there, I have had few views and no sales. I will probably downgrade to a free shop this month, before my bill is due. It will probably be an up and comer in the future, but right now I am not promoting it and the $7 a month, even though it seems a small amount it adds up when no money is coming in.
Zibbet may end up improving to be good enough to look into again. I joined and put a few patterns there, but had great difficulty figuring out how to find them in search, which led me to believe they are not likely to be found by anyone else. If I was spending more time with my online business I would consider spending more time to see how they have improved lately.
Have a lifetime account (since 2009) no views, no sales. It seems to be growing, but still no searches available. If I didn't have a free account, I wouldn't be there.
I bought a store on Zibbet the 1st week or so and it is coming along nicely but still has quite a bit of growing to do IF they can manage to stay around. Have had 0 sales.
I am not thrilled with Zibbet. But it has potential. I think this may be another honest site that is seller oriented like ArtFire.
Free listing which is great, fairly easy to list. Again, I'm too small, need to list more to be seen. Been there almost a year and still no sales.
Zibbet did not get enough traffic to bring in any sales. Promotion of sellers was not good.
Does not seem to be much in the way of communication from staff.
I set up an acct at Zibbet a long time ago and only listed things when 1km shut down. I've had no sales and hardly any views. Zibbet does seem to pay attention to what sellers want, but they're also a bit smarmy and boastful, which comes off as unprofessional. I don't see Zibbet becoming very big, and will probably empty my shop there soon.

Sellers Choice
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