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Sellers Choice Marketplace Ratings: OZtion

By Ina & David Steiner

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In January 2011, AuctionBytes surveyed almost 2,800 online sellers and asked them to rate the marketplaces on which they had experience selling. An introduction to the Sellers Choice survey along with a summary of the overall ratings can be found here, along with links to results for each of the 16 online marketplaces included in the survey.


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Year Established: 2005
Description: Australian based online auction site
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Australian-based OZtion came in sixth place with an overall rating of 6.1. Its highest marks were for Ease of Use (6.54) and its lowest marks were for Profitability (5.24). OZtion got into the final ballot through write-in nominations and was one of four newcomers to Sellers Choice.

"I just wish this site had more buyers as it is fantastic in principle. That said, I've sold thousands of items there over the last few years with very low fees and a no risk free listing policy," wrote one seller.

It benefited in 2008 from the controversy surrounding eBay's unsuccessful bid to make its Australian marketplace a PayPal-only venue. The fact that it offers auctions and offers a variety of payment methods helps its popularity among buyers and sellers. Australian classifieds site Ltd. acquired for AU$1.1 million in August 2010.

Reader Comments - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly:
Any queries or problems I've had have been answered and fixed within hours by REAL staff. I just love Oztion.
For me Oztion is the best of the bunch. I get consistent sales and my profits aren't eaten away by excessive fees. The site is user friendly and the admin are great to deal with. I love that is it's an all Aussie site from a selling view point (no overseas sellers means the site is not flooded with cheap chinese products), but overseas buyers are welcome and I've seen an increase in those lately, particularly from the USA.
Easy site to sell on. Low fees. Fair rating system for sellers and buyers. My choice of payment method I will accept. It is for Australian and NZ sellers not full of chinese junk.
I just wish this site had more buyers as it is fantastic in principle. That said, I've sold thousands of items there over the last few years with very low fees and a no risk free listing policy.
99% of buyers on Oztion are exceptional. Easy and quick to get answers from Oztion admin or the Help forums. Easy to list and find your way around site. Fees are very reasonable.
Oztion is a good venue to sell on, you just need to remember when listing to convert money to Australia Dollars before listing the item or you could lose money in the sale and not even know it. They give your items good exposure.
Free to list so nothing lost but time if the item doesn't sell within 60 days, places to advertise your items in the forums, referral programme, reasonable Final value fees, well set up checkout process and reminders, they offer protection from bad feedback from non paying buyers, very friendly and helpful members, allow payments from buyers in many forms ( ie no restrictions), Its a shame the site isn't as well known as ebay as its mainly Australian sellers so we don't get as many buyers/ bidders so its important to know what you want for an item and price it accordingly as most auctions still finish with one bid which is great for buyers. A draw back would be that sales are often slow so it may take a while to sell less popular items.
Oztion is a friendly, Australian based selling site, very easy to use, with no listing fees, just a 6c relist fee after 60 days, low final value fees, I am a hobby seller and find Oztion to be perfect for my needs. The site is constantly growing, and I have had many sales from new members this month, and it is only the 5th! Would highly recommend this site to prospective sellers.
No listing fees, low final value fees, good communication by admin staff if there's a problem, easy to list, easy to create a combined invoice.
I think Oztion is a great site for sellers because of its low fees and it is easy to use, with a helpful community that are more then willing to offer assistance. The admin are also extremely helpful and quickly resolve any issues you may have. The only problem with Oztion is they need more members buying, I think the sellers far out way the buyers.
Good local site though has a few teething problems with new owners. Previous to takeover was fairly easy to list though sales are very slow.
Waste of time, too many glitches trying to list, fake customer numbers. Listed items for weeks without selling yet sold same items on ebay in days. Site is a wasted effort.
Sales died for me on this site and haven't listed there for a couple of years, may go back in the future.
There is groupthink in the forums - everything is wonderful (even minor increases in membership numbers are to be celebrated) and things are always going to get even better. Sellers with poor results are told to "look within".
Sales are few and far between - not enough Traffic.

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We thank all readers who took the time to rate the marketplaces. If you have comments about the survey results or the survey itself, please feel free to post them in the AuctionBytes Blog.


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