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Sellers Choice Marketplace Ratings: Blujay

By Ina & David Steiner

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In January 2011, AuctionBytes surveyed almost 2,800 online sellers and asked them to rate the marketplaces on which they had experience selling. An introduction to the Sellers Choice survey along with a summary of the overall ratings can be found here, along with links to results for each of the 16 online marketplaces included in the survey.


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Year Established: 2004
Description: Fixed price listings and general merchandise
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Blujay came in 15th place with an overall score of 3.8. Its highest marks were for Ease of Use (5.37). Its lowest marks were for Communication (3.13), and the comments revealed just how bad some respondents thought of the site's communication.

"If the management ever took interest in the site it would be a good place to use," wrote one seller, continuing, "Too many glitches and no response to questions or concerns, ever." Another wrote, "Extremely easy to use but absolutely no support and no sales."

Blujay placed near the bottom last year as well, and apparently the site's owners did not listen to users; respondents noted a lack of presence by management then, too.

Link to 2010 results

Reader Comments - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly:
Very easy to use, no charges, multiple photos.
No seller fees, completely free. Easy to use, pretty good exposure, the site is pretty well-known.
I opened my Blujay Store some weeks later after my eCrater Store. The 1st year I have more sales in Blujay than eCrater. I believe that Blujay will become my principal storefront, but all sales stopped in November 2008. I don't have a sale until this week. Two weeks or two months without a sale is okay, but more than 2 years. It looks like the owner believe that the "pilot control" was the best choice, but wasn't. Now they added feedback and transaction numbers and you can see that a lot of people aren't making sales in the site. Some sellers must be now be shame after telling "fairy/fantasy" stories of big sales that never happened.
It is very easy to list on blujay, and in spite of not doing much to drive traffic I do receive orders. The only negative is that the owner does not have the time to devote to customer service.
Blujay has always been great and I hate it that it hasn't become big yet. Very friendly service when I've had questions or concerns as a seller.
Little site traffic but easy to use and NO FEES; very friendly seller community
Great profit when an item sells, but I never get any communication from them at all.
I have sold items on Blujay, unlike many sites that I've tried. However, they have ABSOLUTELY NO customer service!
I've had several sales since joining. Not good with communication with sellers. Site is easy to work with.
It's free but that's about it. No customer service and owner involvement. Lot of bad sellers that are scammers on the site that give the rest of sellers bad names. Stores that continuously rip people off are not shut down and many sell illegal merchandise that is trademarked.
Haven't sold there in awhile so not sure if it has changed. I was happy with the results for some time and then it seemed to slow up. Still a good option for a free site.
I stopped selling on Blujay over a year ago mostly because they did not provide enough options for sellers to offer customers.
I put antique and vintage glass on this site and had it up there for over a year. I only sold one item. It was quality glassware that would have sold quickly on ebay.
Buyer information does not port into Paypal, makes for a very cumbersome system.
I signed up for Blujay and then learned there is no customer service or regulation. They sold very inappropriate items with no regulation to rules. I closed my store, but my account has never been closed, I am not able to contact anyone or receive and answers back. You can not close an account once it is opened.
Support is totally absent.. upgrades and updates are not done.. if you have an issue there is no one to help but smartass mods on the forum that have no power to do anything for you if they know the answer.
Had a store on there for over a year. Never had a sale. Their forum (at the Time) was never helpful and full of spam, very vindictive sellers. Finally got tired of it and closed my store
I have posted and constantly change product lines, I have yet to make a sale after 2+ years and I won't buy there at all. Too hard to navigate, maybe I answered my own trouble there.

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We thank all readers who took the time to rate the marketplaces. If you have comments about the survey results or the survey itself, please feel free to post them in the AuctionBytes Blog.


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