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AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters to the Editor

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In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From feedback to payment services, from fees to posting policies, AuctionBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.

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Re: Seller's Choice: Merchants Rate Ecommerce Marketplaces - Link

Great job on the market place survey. I spent a lot of time going over it, and I'm not done. Too bad that I'm so far behind in reading my e-mail that I didn't get in on the survey.

Two thoughts:
This quote from your article "On line sellers looking to diversify should not select a marketplace based purely on the highest ratings, since each marketplace is unique. A marketplace may be particularly strong in one area - stamps and coins, for example - so sellers should take this into account when evaluating each marketplace.

This prompted me to think that this would be a good idea for another survey, or other research that would suggest which of these sites are best for what type of merchandise. In other words, jewelry, which site is best for jewelry, which site is best for toys, which site is best for sporting goods, etc.

Second: I sell on three sites, eBay, Bonanzle, and Artfire, at least I list on those three. To be fair, I've only been on Bonanzle since late November, only one sale so far, no sales on Artfire, and I've been moving merchandise from there to Bonanzle. But to my point, I've been reading for years that Amazon is so great that I should be selling there. After reading the comments about Amazon from Sellers, I'm not so much impressed with Amazon, and I probably won't try to get involved there until I begin selling full time.
I'm a PS and a TRS on eBay.
If published, please withhold my name.


Re: Seller's Choice: Merchants Rate Ecommerce Marketplaces - Link

Hi Ina,
Just wanted to compliment you on the Marketplace survey - this is a great benchmark for the industry and provides valuable insight.
Thank you!
PS Have you thought of selling a pdf version? I� buy one immediately


I just got a text message (to my cell phone) from eBay to announce their fee and listing changes. It says it is a "FreeMsg" and I hope it is free as I don't have a texting plan and get charged (I know it is just $0.10 but..). Perhaps they are texting every phone number they have on file.

TEXT: FreeMsg from eBay: seller-name, lowest Insertion Fees ever--Fixed Price from $0.03, Auctions from $0.10 @ Reply STOP to optout.

I got your news email several hours before eBay even emailed me about the changes. As always, you do a GREAT job of reporting!

eBay is apparently pulling out all the stops on the news about fee and listing changes.
Thought you might like to know about the texting.


How about an article on the best auction only sites for sellers who started with eBay years ago and still like the old style of auction only venues. I think that eBay with all the competition from their stores and other dealer listings has proven detrimental to those of us who liked the old auction method of selling. Thank you. B.


To the Editor: I was shipping out a couple of packages today using USPS Priority Mail and Paypal click and ship and noticed that the postage being calculated by Paypal which was correct according to the new postal rates does not match the amount calculated by EBay's postage calculator. Of course the Paypal postage amount is greater than the Ebay calculation. This appears to be happening not for all zip code areas but did in going from NJ to MA. The postal rate for a 1 pound package is $5.86 but Ebay calculates it as $5.35. Is anyone else finding an error in the Ebay generated postal rates for other areas. I spoke to Ebay customer service and they are looking into it. Thanks, Dave


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