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AuctionBytes Feature: First Item Sold Online

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Do you remember the first item you ever sold online? Let us know by sending an email to and we may publish your story. Today we hear from Beth who is singing a new tune since her first eBay sale.

In February of 2000, I took a short evening course on selling on eBay at a local junior college. Our project was to sell something - I had an old book, 1898 called Health and Science by Mary Baker Eddy. I paid 10 cents and sold it for $100.

Four years later, I needed money and tried it again, this time with vintage music. My second "first" sale was an album by James Taylor. Since then, I changed the site name from Aunt Theresa's Attic to Aunt Theresa's Music since old music is my main product. I added a store and most of my sales now come from that venue.

Sales have been self-sufficient. I am making a little but not buying a new house! The business pays for itself and helps out now and then when money is tight at home.

This year, my biggest buying day was Christmas Day itself. With people in homes with not much to do after opening gifts, they looked for old Christmas music that had happy memories.

Although lp records are my biggest category, I sell music from old 1896 sheetmusic to current cd's - but avoid some genres. My customers are individuals looking for "happy memories." I have also attracted collectors wanting to complete their 40,000 record collection. I am trying to break into the Christian Music area by having separate categories for Christian Items and a sub-category in the lp sectional called Christian Music.

My first big "run" was polka 8-track tapes going to the Netherlands!! I am closing out this category this month with a sale.

I was a stay-at-home mom and now am nearing retirement. Not much call for mothers with experience in the home - no retirement or pension. The money made (and accumulating in PayPal) has enabled me to make a little extra money and stay alert - in so many ways.
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