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AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters from Readers

In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From feedback to payment services, from increased fees to posting policies, AuctionBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.

Re: eBay Users Lose Payment Option, BidPay to Close

I must confess, I am a little sad to see BidPay go. Besides the obvious revamp needed on my site, I'm just disappointed that another service caved into the pressure of ebay/Paypal. Considering the overwhelming instances of documented fraud from both ebay/Paypal users and ex-employees of the site itself, I'm surprised no one has attempted to sell their service as being more secure than Paypal. I especially liked how BidPay would send you an e-mail stating when your money order was purchased and mailed.

I'll miss them.


I was just painfully informed that Bidpay ceased operations as of Dec 31, 2005, without warning! Any idea what happened to cause this, and/or is BidPay to return in another form? If not, will anything replace it?

This is a serious blow to the online auction industry, buyers and sellers alike.


Re: eBay Says Sign-In Problem Is Resolved

Hi Ina,
I had an important bid in with E-Snipe on Sunday and E-Snipe could not connect to eBay to place the bid.

You might check that angle (the snipe programs and services) of the story too. I suspect that many more people were unable to bid than is yet to be reported.

I was bidding $300 on an item that ended up selling for only $170 because of the problem. And my bid did NOT get through, thus my $300 bid did not get registered with eBay.


Glad you are reporting that ebay "says" it is fixed, well...Hani Durzy is wrong.

The "outage" aka sign-in problem, is STILL occurring today! Most people aren't aware, but they are not signing in via a secure sign in (SSL), when you try to click the link for SSL sign in you start the circle of going from sign in for guests to sign in - try SSL again repeat over and over. If you try typing in the S in the http URL for the sign in page it still will NOT show the lock on the bottom of the page, so therefor is STILL NOT SECURE.

Think this isn't an issue? Well, when someone can steal your password and hijack your account, it is a serious issue - and if they know how to do that then you can bet they can figure out how to get to your financial information!

We will see honest sellers & buyers receiving negative FB out of this whole mess.

If and when you are finally able to get in securely, there are still all the other issues that have been plaguing the site! Auctions that won't list, once listed the auctions fail to show in searches, can't search correctly as time-outs and page not responding messages appear.... plus many others, go read the Tech Board and all the other boards on E - there are so many complaints it is ridiculous.

Ebay has had this problem for over 24 hours - most of last weekend in fact - though it became even more obvious Monday morning - complaints started prior to that! So they DO owe Sellers refunds of fees since they failed to extend auctions - and ALL auctions were affected by this. The Aussie site has been dealing with these issues for 6 MONTHS - go to their Community Boards and you will see it!

I truly wish Ebay would start acting responsibly to US, not just the shareholders, otherwise I truly believe that E will end up being full of Scammers, frauds and bad sellers.


Happy Holidays to you and yours!

I just wanted to add my two cents to the Paypal shipping label problems. I wasn't being overcharged for them (for a change!), but did have a horrible time actually getting from the login to the label. It literally took me 20 minutes to print out ONE label Thursday. I missed the mailman, and had to mail it Friday morning instead.

The slow printing problems have been lasting about two weeks on my end. While I would love to blame my dialup (and I have high speed, which is just two words in an email - the speeds never get above 28.8 no matter what!), eBay was working okay. It was just a slowdown once I got on the Paypal website. I had written to them, but never got a response.

It was hanging at the package type, about mid page. There is normally a drop down menu to choose the type, but that menu never appeared. The only way past it was to go ahead and act like I was buying the label. At that point, it would give me an error message about an invalid package type. I could then go back, choose the type and proceed as normal, even though it still took another ten minutes for the sample label to appear! (I played many games of freecell while waiting for these labels to materialize.)

I am not sure why, but eBay and Paypal seem to love rolling out changes with no customer notification, and the holidays seem to be prime time as well. (I remember all the hollering last Christmas over glitches with programming rollouts!) I guess they get fast feedback on the programs that way (live beta testing!), but they manage to annoy most of the sellers that way. Saturday morning, it only took about five minutes to print one label, which was not fast, but definitely better than 20! So, not sure if it was connected to the eBay rollout change or not.

Anyway, thanks again for another year of keeping us informed on the ins and outs of auction life!


As an eBay Assist I have found that the information that you provide is outstanding in many ways. You have saved me a great deal of money in searches, fraud, and allowed me to share this information with others of great importance to me and the industry. I am always to busy to say thank you for your great work and information that you provide but, today I decided to take a moment to show my appreciation.

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