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Searching for Live Auctions: What Are People Looking for Online?

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Global Auction Guide Media Group announced the results of a survey of over 5,000 users revealing what they want from the Internet when they are looking online for live auctions. Over 70% of survey respondents were from the US, with leading US states including Texas, Ohio, Minnesota and Iowa. Some findings of special interest to live auctioneers follow.

When asked "How Often Do You Attend Auctions?" 33% of respondents answered "Only When The Sale Has An Item They Are Looking For," indicating that advertising complete sale bills is very important to attract interest for specific items.

94% said they prefer sale bills with photos.

92% of respondents have traveled 3 hours or more to attend an auction, so advertising outside of the local area is a must for attracting maximum bidders.

70% of people using the Global Auction Guide auction website have also used eBay.

24% say they use traditional auction sales to source product to resell on eBay or plan to do this in the future.

86% said if they are looking for a specific item, it does not matter which auctioneer is holding the sale.

68% said they have bid live at an online auction event, and 65% have never tried placing an absentee/proxy bid on an item.

The results of this question, "Do you prefer auction websites that cover your local area only, or do you wish to look for sales across the country?" are as follows:
Locally 30%
Regionally 46%
Nationally 20%

Global Auction Guide Auction Guide.Com says it is the largest auction advertising website in Canada, with over 50 Web sites carrying the complete sale bills of hundreds of participating auctioneers.

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