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This and That: Online Auction Roundup

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Reminder: AuctionBytes does not endorse the products and services featured in the "This & That" column, which often features new companies. Fraud is becoming widespread in the online auction world, and you should think twice before giving private information or User IDs and passwords to any third party.


Razorwind Ventures Announces

Razorwind Ventures launched a new Web service, allows users to customize small marketing flyers that can be included with each auction winners' purchase. The flyers contain computer tips, trivia and other information of interest. They can be imprinted online with a 3-line customization that can include a seller's name, eBay ID, Web address or whatever contact information the seller chooses.


eBay Announces 1-Day Auctions

eBay will launch 1-day auctions this fall, the company announced. To see a discussion about the implications of 1-day auctions, visit the forums at:


New AuctionBytes Vintage Clothing Forum

AuctionBytes has added a discussion forum for vintage clothing enthusiasts. LisaMoo is moderator of the forum and has been dealing in vintage clothing and jewelry since 1990. Her expertise comes in caring for the delicate fabrics as well as identifying the textiles & fashions of different eras. Visit the new forum and say hello to Lisa! There are already some great tips posted for clothing sellers.


New eBay Ads to Hit TV & Movie Theaters This Fall

eBay will begin running a new ad on TV this week featuring a new take on Burt Bacharach-Hal David song "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" Another ad featuring George Benson's "On Broadway" will break in movie theaters in November.


ePier Can Host Your Auction Site

ePier offers a solution for organizations to have their own auction site with no programming. ePier hosts, runs and manages all items and images so all the company needs to do is focus on loading their items and promoting either their site or special event. ePier charges $349 to set up the site auction site and takes 2.5% on the final sales value. An example of a fundraising auction can be seen at, and a commercial site at More information on the service can be found at:


Marburger Farm Antique Show from September 30 - October 4

Marburger Farm Antique Show from September 30 - October 4.


Call For Writers

If you sell online and would like to write an article about a strategy, product or service you use, let us know! Our three newsletters are listed below with links to author guidelines.

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New Service for Searching eBay

An Australian user has developed a free service for eBay users called AuctionSieve. It's software to "help you rapidly filter through the auctions in ebay categories and searches that you're interested in." Neville Ridley-Smith said he started developing it for his personal use but then got a bit more serious and decided to release it to the world.

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