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Four Common-Sense Tips for eBay Stay-at-Home Parents

By Delinda Burger

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Being an eBay stay-at-home parent can be rewarding, yet challenging. Trying to juggle your online business and run a household can sometimes be difficult. Let's face it; we have to wear many hats in our daily life. Chef, housekeeper, taxi driver, medic, hairstylist, fashion coordinator, accountant and so on. The key to being successful and "sane" is creating a schedule, having self-discipline, and staying organized.

All of our lives differ, with some of us having children that are gone all day, some gone part of the day and some that are home all day. But we still seem to share the same concern. Being able to provide care and attention to our children and have a successful home-based business.

Tip # 1:
Make a weekly schedule and decide how much time each day you can or want to contribute to your auction business. I usually devote Mondays to cleaning, shopping, paying bills, and running errands. That way I am not unconsciously worrying about those duties during the week. Tuesday through Thursday, I take photos, list auctions, pack and go to the post office. On Fridays, I usually spend the morning at garage sales, thrift stores and other venues hunting items to build my inventory.

Tip # 2:
Check your local area for a Mothers Day Out program. Great fun for the kids, inexpensive and offers you a few hours a couple of days a week.

Tip # 3:
Save time going to the post office. Most post offices have wheeled hamper carts. Ask the clerk if you can use the cart so you do not have to make trips back and forth to your car. If you have smaller packages, you can pick-up a vinyl-wheeled craft bag from your local hobby store. If going to the post office is too much hassle, consider having them pick-up at your house a couple of days a week. You will need to make sure your packages are pre-stamped with the correct postage. You can also get free priority boxes, tape and preprinted address labels from the post office. Visit for more details.

Tip # 4:
Keep the kids entertained while you work. Explain to your child that this is your work time and offer them a craft such as coloring, painting and such. My four-year old enjoys pretending that she is an "eBay seller." I have a little table set-up next to my desk where she can take pictures, list and pack.

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About the author:

Delinda Burger is a stay-at-home mother of three, eBay powerseller and co-founder of an online auction management system as well as, Online Auction Training and Consulting, L.L.C. a company devoted to teaching others to sell online auctions. Delinda is a freelance writer and co-author of " The Online Auction Sellers Manual " She was presented an auction business success award in 2000 and has been featured in over a dozen publications. Feel free to email her at Delinda2 @

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