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This and That: Online Auction Roundup

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Reminder: AuctionBytes does not endorse the products and services featured in the "This & That" column, which often features new companies. Fraud is becoming widespread in the online auction world, and you should think twice before giving private information or User IDs and passwords to any third party.


Book Resources

Edith Reynolds has taken over as Editor of AuctionBytes Web site for booksellers, The Bookologist The Bookologist shares a discussion forum on AuctionBytes, which has always been populated by some of the nicest and most savvy people you'll encounter. Check out the thread, "Links Library - New and Improved" at for links to very useful book-related sites. While you are there, check out the other discussions going on. Active booksellers are coming to the site every day and answering questions and sharing strategies.


AuctionBytes Survey on eBay Fraud

We are conducting a survey to determine what readers think of eBay fraud. Please take two or three minutes to answer 6 questions at:


ePier Holds Auction Promotion: No Fees for 4 Days

Auction site ePier is holding a special promotion September 6-9. Sellers will not have to pay commissions (Final Value Fees) for items listed during the 4-days of the promotion. ePier, started in 1998, has 54,000 members. The site allows sellers to list items for free and charges commissions on items that sell. Commission fees will be waived for all items that sell that are listed during the special Fee-Free Promotion beginning September 6.


Doing the Math: Keywords by eBay versus Google AdWords

Susan Heywood wrote a great article for MyEZSale on marketing with keywords, comparing eBay's service with Google AdWords. Susan is an expert marketer and does a great job of explaining these two advertising options available to online sellers.


Auction-Vision Auction Search Tool

AuctionVision said it offers a decision support tool for eBay buyers to "find, analyzie and win auction bargains on eBay USA, Canada, UK, Australia and eBay Motors." The software must be downloaded and conducts real-time searches of Completed Auction data. The tool comes with a snipe-bidding tool as well.


New Twist on eBay "Spoof Email" Hoax

Frausters are tricking people into revealing personal information and passwords by sending emails that look like they come from legitimate companies. eBay and PayPal have been frequent targets, and fraudsters have also posed as banks and ISPs. Spoof email made to look like its coming from eBay usually has an urgent message. Something along the lines of, we will shut down your account if you don't immediately verify your account information, click on the link below. A new message circulating tells recipients they will get a reward of 30% off service fees in recognition of earning a star. Don't get tricked, this is a scam. Never click on a link in an email to sign into an account.

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