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This and That: Online Auction Roundup

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New eBay Tools: Auction Calculators

A free site recently launched for eBay sellers and offers auction templates and profit calculators (all are free to use): If you have any feedback on their usefulness, please post a message in the forums:


UK Auction Site: Coco-Bay

Coco-Bay is an auction site from the UK: for review.


The Lighter Side: Decoding Online Auction Listings

Last issue, Michael Banks took a humorous look at eBay listings containing double meanings AuctionByters had some suggestions of their own.

Some examples:
"As Is" means "Don't come crying to me if it doesn't work." "L@@K" means "You are purchasing this item from a minor."

Join the discussion at:


New Database of Domain Names May Help Law Enforcement

Dialog, a fee-based research service, has launched a searchable database of more than 65 million current and historic Internet domain name records. Most contain detailed "Whois" information.

eContent Magazine said the database can be used by law enforcement officials in criminal investigations, including Cyber crime. "Unique to the new Dialog database is historic information that allows users to follow trails of domain registration transfers and changes."


Auction News You Can Use

AuctionBytes Newsflash is a must-read if you want to know about Free Listing Days, new products & services, technical problems at auction sites and breaking news in the auction industry. The newsletter now offers an "Other Stories" section with links to articles in other publications. Subscribe to the daily (Monday Friday) newsletter at home page.

FYI: If you subscribe to Newsflash, you'll find out in Monday's issue that eBay is preparing to phase out its Billpoint online payment service in mid-January.

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