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Email This Story to a Friend is a print-plus-online classified-ads venue. It's a kind of "eBay meets the classifieds" site where you can list items for sale and browse for items you need. Categories include almost everything, from "Animals & Pets" (Dogs, Cats, Birds, Livestock, Pythons & other things that go bump in the night) to "Travel, Events & Entertainment" (Tickets, Dining, Special Occasions & other reasons to leave your house - with your laptop, of course).

I went to the site map at to scout around, and it lead me to the "cool ad of the week" section here:

"Laser Machine for laser eye surgery, made in 1989, possibly works! Lots of valuable parts/accesories, originally cost close to $100,000 Take it for $100 OBO"

Possibly works??! This seller should consider buying this item: "Lie detector: includes microphone + telephone hook-up. Works over the phone! Small and easy to carry around. Retail: $16.88. Sale: $10."

As well as the entertainment value of this site, you might actually find some inventory here to sell on auction sites! Look at this ad:

"Pinatas, over 85 of them, all are yellow happy faces, and about the size of a basketball, all brand new with tags, used for a movie promotion, $199 OBO"

These Pinatas could do the trick for some really frustrated eBay users - "take that, you smiling happy face, you!"

For auction users wanting to go back to their roots but still take advantage of technology, this may be the site for you. The company announced on Thursday that it will offer iPIX technology to allow sellers to post pictures to accompany their classified ads. is the online version of Recycler Classifieds, a weekly classified advertising publication with almost 30 years of history in Southern California. Purchased by the Times-Mirror Company in 1998, Recycler is a standalone business operation of the Los Angeles Times.

As for me, I'll be tuning in to the "ad of the week" for a few chuckles. It's free (OBO).

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