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AuctionLynxx From

By Mike Marino

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AuctionLynxx is a new tool from that aims to increase page views and bids of any seller's listings.

AuctionLynxx provides a method of better displaying an individual seller's current auctions that greatly surpasses the view my other auctions link provided by eEay. AuctionLynxx allows the seller to create auction categories and displays all listings that seller has for that category using links in a dynamically generated display.

Let's say a bidder is looking for trading cards for a specific player. Rather than click on the other auctions link eBay provides and hunt through potentially pages of listings, AuctionLynxx allows the bidder to go directly to all listings that the seller has for that player. This makes for more efficient searching and quicker navigation, and benefits the seller by keeping the bidder viewing his or her own auction listings.

So how does this work? AuctionLynxx stores the listing description on its own server for immediate retrieval when a seller's listings need to be generated and displayed. Since the links are displayed in what is called a Java Applet, they will not appear on a Search Title and Description search, avoiding the potential for keyword spamming in violation of eBay rules. Using a Java Applet also allows viewing by over 99% of users, versus around 65% for inline frames.

How effective is AuctionLynxx? Brandon Marz, Vice President of Business Development with, claims their beta tests show a 30% click-through rate using AuctionLynxx, versus less than 1% using the view my other auctions link. In my own listings for sports memorabilia, I have manually added links to my other auctions. As a result, I do receive a greater number of hits and multiple bids from users when the ability exists to jump to some of my other auctions without relying on eBay links to see them.

According to Jerry Lynch, the company founder and CTO, AuctionLynxx has been extensively tested with all versions of browsers. The product may be available to members as early as July 4th. The fee to use AuctionHelper is 1.5% of your Gross Merchandise Sales, with a minimum fee of 15 cents and a maximum fee of 70 cents per transaction.

AuctionHelper only receives payment if your item sells. There is a minimum fee of $10 per month for sellers. There is no charge to list items, re-list items, store items in inventory or store your images on the site. The company offers a free 30-day trial, and more information is available at

About the author:

Mike Marino can be contacted at orioles35 @ He is registered at eBay under the same name, where he specializes in sports memorabilia, namely baseball and football trading cards.

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