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Sellers Choice 2015 Marketplace Ratings:

By Ina & David Steiner

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In January 2015, EcommerceBytes surveyed over 12,000 online sellers and asked them to rate the marketplaces on which they had experience selling. An introduction to the Sellers Choice survey along with a summary of the overall ratings can be found here, along with links to results for each of the 12 online marketplaces included in the survey.


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Year Established: 1999
Description: Auctions, fixed price and storefronts; general merchandise and collectibles
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Summary: came in seventh place in the 2015 Sellers Choice Awards for Online Marketplaces. The international marketplace based in the UK has only made it into the top-5 once, in 2011.

eBid received high praise for fees, customer service - and for its potential. There were also positive comments about the eBid forums.

But there was a disconnect that seemed to stem from location of respondents - sellers in the U.S. liked the site but reported low traffic, while UK and perhaps European sellers did get sales on This likely dragged the site's ratings lower than if only international sellers had rated the site.

The general feeling among some respondents was that if eBid had name recognition in North America among buyers, the site could do well.

eBid received a 4.44 in Profitability; a 5.42 in Customer Service; a 5.33 in Communication; and a 5.3 in Ease of Use. It received a 4.72 from sellers when asked, "How likely are you to recommend eBid as a selling venue to a friend or colleague?"

Reader Comments:The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I love eBid. I regularly sell here and have much less item not received complaints than on eBay.

Low cost for good value, no complaints. The forums remind me of eBay ten years ago, where sellers go out of their way to help each other. When there is a problem, I get responses from a technician who actually knows the site and can take action. is a great site to use and I have been selling there full time for seven years now. Traffic isn't as great as the bigger sites but the very low fees make up for this. eBid is easy to use and the support team are wonderful plus the friendly eBid forum members are always happy to help out. I would recommend eBid to any seller but please be patient if you are new as you need to build up your customer base and make sure you get your listings showing on Google Shopping. Do go to the forums for helpful selling tips to make the site work for you.

Low to zero fees depending on how you sell. Great community spirit. Spot-on support. Owners are improving facilities year on year. Not perfect yet, but getting there. Owners and staff interact on the forums too! has low commission and it is seller friendly

In some ways the opposite to eBay - fewer users / sales, but low cost structure makes transactions more profitable. I believe the site is working on a redesign for their website and mobile app, which should help attract people (looks too cluttered, and the app isn't as easy to navigate as it should be), but get a real sense of possibility with this site. With current user numbers, I don't imagine many could use this as their ONLY online sales site currently, but it has potential to grow, especially if you have a way of trying to channel potential buyers in from other areas / sites. A real sense of community working together to make the site and sales better.

Very good fees. Fantastic customer support. Lovely buyers and friendly sellers willing to help. Recommended to all.

Of all the sites I list on eBid has the lowest final value fees. The only problem with this site is I have more none paying bidders on this site. They need to implement some kind of "back ground" check on buyers. Most of the first time bidders that I encountered on this site where problem buyers, either slow to pay or not pay at all.

I've had a seller+ account there for almost 2 years now, but have only just now begun working the store. It has its own system and way of doing things, and there is a little bit of a learning curve, but like any selling platform, it gets easier the more you use it. Selling fees are absolutely the best and there is a good amount of traffic on the site. At least I'm getting views, which wasn't happening this last year on eBay after having been a Top Rated Plus seller and having sold since 2005! I am going to give eBid a good chance.

Ebid, never had a problem in 5 years, I would call it #3 site, a lot more sales than bonanza, don't have a shipping program. it is a good selling site. not for auctions, as long as you just put buy it now you will get your money.

Excellent support. No listing fees and low FVF make eBid an ideal site for small sellers.

eBid has excellent customer service if you have a problem it is easy to use and fees are very reasonable so more of your sale price is profit.

I find eBid very easy to use, the fees are low thus enabling me to make a profit. The management respond personally regarding any issues or problems if and when they arise. They also answer questions on the forums promptly as they arise. I always recommend and promote eBid. is an excellent site which offers a fair and honest platform for all sellers. The Seller+ account has to be the best value offer anywhere: a one off payment with unlimited listings all with up to 5 photos, open up to 5 shops, only 3% fvf when an item sells. It also has a wide range of seller options from a 1 monthly shop fee to free listing without using gallery pics and a fvf of 3%, when the items sells and many other combinations to suit all sellers It also has many useful tools: transfer of listings from other sites via Ninja Lister or spreadsheet, on site photo storage, bulk upload, bulk edit, postal codes to simplify different costs, default listing pages, choices of font/colours/sizing when listing and other tools that can help make listings quicker and easier. In addition, every seller will have their new/closing/popular item/sold listings shown on the homepage in event order. All searched items are shown in time order - no best match/can't see me manipulation. Best of all - sellers are left to get on with the business of selling - no endless changes to squeeze yet more money and less value from all. No matter what size of business you are, eBid treats everyone just the same - fairly and honestly. They also watch sellers and buyers backs and do not hesitate to close down scamming accounts and act if they feel a fraudulent account is being set up. Support is brilliant and will always reply in record time. Check it out - it's seriously good.

Of all the online venues I've used for selling, eBid is easily the most user friendly and eBid support is by far the easiest and best to deal with when a member has questions or concerns. It's also the best deal for sellers, as the FVFs are lower than other online sites and there are no listing/relisting fees. It's a little slower sales-wise than I'd like, but I expect this to change as the eBid name becomes more familiar to U.S. buyers/sellers in the future.

This is a great site for selling trading cards, collectible stamps, and video/digital games/movies. Antiques and other collectibles are harder to move.

eBid is a great place to sell. The site is easy to navigate around. The other eBid members are so friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this site. I've been selling here for over six years.

Definitely the way to go - sales are picking up and fees are very low, excellent seller/buyer support.

eBid is a safe and easy place to sell. Its support and communication with its customers is superb. The low fees make it possible to offer good selling prices and still make a profit. The site is paid for by sellers, and eBid treat them fairly and honourably. The site is well-policed, and dishonesty in sellers or buyers is rooted out immediately.

It is not as busy as eBay but much more friendly, easier and cheaper. You can not speak to anyone at customer service, but when I have had a problem, it has been dealt with in a fast efficient way via email. A nice place to trade.

eBid is the easiest to use, and the most cost effective site I have found. The only problem is the lack of traffic. The customer service is top notch. The forum is full of people with helpful and friendly advice.

Site is filled with sellers but hardly any buyers. Can take 3-6 months before a sale is made. Just not worth the time and effort to list on eBid.

All of the above and more. I get to keep all of my money or list at 2% for a picture. Lifetime Membership (one time) $49.00 + free listings. Great forums and sellers. I can get Skrill and hopefully drop Pay Pal in my very near future. Win-Win. Beats eBay hands Down!

Free listings - easy to list - low exposure.

eBid has a very good platform. Sales for me have been zero over the last year and a half. I believe sales are very good in Europe.

Okay site. Very easy to list. But once again, low traffic.

I purchased a lifetime membership and never sold 1 thing and decided it was not worth my expenditure of time and effort.

It's very cheap but not a lot of traffic or promotion.

Importing my inventory was a chore and was not easy to keep synced with other venues. Shipping charges and methods did not import properly. As a result most sales were from Europe with free shipping. Spent more time cancelling orders because of this. Finally closed the account.

Only have a small amount listed there but am working on the site. One complaint is uploading from eBay or other sites. Have a tech person teaching me how to do that. Turbo Lister download has not worked. I think it will be a good venue.

I have received occasional results but definitely nothing to write home about.

Just started using in past month, so no rating as of this point, but no sells either! Ease of use was a little difficult, but most new sites are.

Has a lot of restriction and high seller fees.

I use it somewhat but find it awkward to use and you can only communicate by e-mail.

eBid does not have enough buyers to go around, seller gets very few hits. eBid customer service is hard to get hold of.

I have listed many items on eBid and have not had a sale. I haven't even received offers.

They got my $50.00 over a year ago and not 1 sale. I list duplicates and pull them as needed. No buyers and no sellers either.

Not much selling action, but the customer service responses are good.

This is a really nice site but it is harder to navigate and use than many others I've used. Listing can be cumbersome. Very little traffic as far as I can tell based on my results. Search is hard to use and seldom brings up any results of the items I am searching for. I rarely find what I am searching for so I have to go elsewhere. Selling is much harder on eBid though I wish it were not as it is a nice site and the managers/admin seem very dedicated and professional.

Started charging for excess images... stopped using this service.

Very difficult to navigate as a seller.

As eBid is getting bigger they are becoming less seller friendly.

Have had items for sale on this site for several years and have NEVER sold a single item. The site operators give me the impression that they do not desire to have Americans selling on their site. Communication is the poorest of all sites I have tried over the years.

I find both Bonanza and eBid to be fairly equal, but with (at least in my case) different buyer bases.

Limited amount of buyers for U.S. sellers

eBid has a low sales volume (comparable to Bonanza and eCrater, in my experience), but the fees are very low, and you can set up an e-store for free.

I joined this site several years ago and have yet to make a sale. I don't bother listing there anymore.

Very unorganized. They closed some of my items which hadn't sold recently and then gave no response when asked why. Customer service is nonexistent.

It is a great site if you sell something. I have not needed any help with anything so I do not use customer service. I have not sold anything for almost a year on that site. No customers. No money

Have had several thousand items listed on eBid with hardly any sales. Not worth the effort to list there.

I used eBid for about a year in the past. I found it very confusing. I am still a member and may go back and reopen my store as I think they have changed some things making it easier. I did get some crackpot buyers on there and didn't really sell much so I can't tell you anything about customer service.

I have not had one sale on eBid. I have many items listed, I have tried using front page views, extra photos (which really add to my cost) and I have sold nothing. But it is an easy site to use.

eBid, I have only had 1 sale in about 9 months. Variations need to be placed for us buyers on eBid plus the whole site promoted much more. It's quite simple to use but it take me so long as most of my styles have variations of colours and sizes.

They do NOT show Bids when scrolling in any sub-category, a very bad system, very Bad for auction type selling.

I like eBid's layout which is similar to eBay's but the site needs to drive more customers to the site. I found it very hard to sell anything.

The site has no customer service or traffic. I have had my items there for 2 years with no sales.

Good site, hardly any traffic which equals no sales.

Being not a US based site sales went way down when shipping cost went so high for International Buyers but previous to that sales were very good for me.

I have sold things on eBid, but there is not as much traffic as it needs. Their fees are very reasonable if you get the lifetime membership. Their store setup is somewhat difficult for me to understand.

I had a very poor experience with eBid. They do not seem to draw a good amount of customers and to succeed on their site, you have to pay for the most expensive membership.

Sold 1 item out of 230 within a 5 month period of opening shop. Closed my account after item arrived. I blame the terrible name, sounds like an eBay rip off. I believe you need to stray away from eBay as much as possible, give people a NEW household name.

Unable to load bulk listings from eBay due to poor app provided by site. No sales made since buying into a membership. I wasted money on this dud.

I tried eBid for a year and found the non pays ridiculously high and they stopped supporting Auction Tamer which made the listing process too much work for the minimal sales.

eBid has a lot of potential. Unfortunately the site is a nightmare to use. Lifelong membership free fees lots of sellers just no buyers. A lot of work for no profit. Stopped using for this very reason.

I have signed up for an eBid account (and pre-paid for lifetime listings), but I have yet to take the time to move items over to eBid. I was, however, disappointed to get an email from the recently with an option to "upgrade" my lifetime subscription...I though by pre-paying I had taken care of all that?!? When time permits, I will start listing some items at eBid and see how it performs in reaching buyers.

We are in 2015. eBid needs a lot to update. They are lost in the past. The search doesn't includes photos by default because it is a premium feature. A crazy greed idea not even in eBay and Amazon. Photos grab attention from buyers. And they still have the option to add the Google Checkout info.

eBid just does not have enough USA traffic to facilitate having volume sales.

I have listed only a few items on eBid and for that reason have not had any sales. However, as a UK based website it is well worth supporting. Its customer support service is excellent and it is very easy to list, even for newbies.

I sold 1,884 items on eBid in 2014, quite simply the eBid selling platform delivers if a seller uses it correctly. Credit must be given for the seamless introduction of the Mobile Apps, that has made a significant difference in terms of new buyers and ensures that my customer base will continue to grow. With free lifetime shops and a final value fee of 2% (with a gallery listing) eBid provides extremely cost effective selling with a huge potential for growth. Thankfully eBid is remarkably low on any major glitches, however my experience with support continues to provide grave concerns in the content of their replies. There doesn't appear to be any communication within the support structure, so a reported glitch gets a rather impolite response that it is not a glitch - followed a few hours later by public announcement from the owners of eBid that the glitch has been corrected. That has happened multiple times and I have largely lost any confidence in the support structure. But overall I am very happy - great place to sell.

eBid has the potential to be a great selling site, but there seems to be a lack of buyers. I get a lot of views on my items but this doesn't translate into sales. People buy the same item at a higher price on eBay. Maybe they need to promote buyers right or protection a little more to create confidence so people will use it more.

Unless you are in the UK, eBid is pretty useless. Style wise they are the closest to eBay, but much like eBay, sales are far and few between, especially outside of their home country of Great Britain. Their business model is very similar to eBay where volume seems to be their focus and not actual sales. I've given up selling here.

Paid the $49 for a lifetime membership only to find out I just cannot figure out how to export our eBay listings to eBid. The posts you find on the internet about how to do it are several years old and out of date. If they would update their software to work as easily as Bonanza I would love to try their site out I think it would be a great alternative to eBay but just too hard to navigate the imports and not sure if they kept sold items in synch

This is another site I would like to see succeed but the sales just aren't there. I have all my inventory listed there and it just does not move. ADVERTISE.

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