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eBay Changes Sellers Settings Without Their Consent

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eBay is pushing sellers into using two fairly new programs and sellers are finding that at times, it's more than gentle nudging. There are continuing reports from sellers that eBay has changed their settings to participate in the programs without their consent.

Reports are coming in yet again from sellers finding themselves enrolled in eBay's Global Shipping program. "I just discovered that eBay has once again opted me in unaware to their Global Shipping program," a reader wrote to EcommerceBytes recently. "I only discovered it when I tried to revise a listing, and it popped up a message that it was eligible for GS."

Over the weekend, readers used the Ecommerce EKG board to report the same issue. "Heads up Ebay sellers. Ebay added international shipping to all my listings, would be nice if they asked me first. Apparently we are automatically opted in the Global shipping program. I had no idea until received an email from a buyer in Italy asking why it cost $60.00 to ship a item that weighs a few ounces."

Another seller responded, "Same thing here. Had to go in and edit all my auctions to take global shipping away. It was not set up to use global shipping in the first place so I can't figure what it was added."

EcommerceBytes had reported the same problem in August.

Sellers have also reported finding themselves enrolled in the buyer-friendly Managed Returns program without their consent, and EcommerceBytes has reported multiple instances in which a group of sellers say they find they're opted in to the program without their permission.

In an episode from August, eBay said the issue lay within My eBay not displaying accurate information for certain seller preferences and said that in no case had eBay automatically enrolled sellers into eBay's Returns program without their permission - "we honor a seller's decision to opt out of the program if they wish."

In another report documented in February, some sellers said they too had been forced into what was supposed to be an optional program.

For sellers who don't wish to participate in eBay's Managed Returns or eBay Global Shipping program, it seems wise to keep an eye on their settings.

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