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Recurring eBay Glitch Prevents Sellers from Uploading Photos

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The eBay discussion boards were filled with reports on Sunday from sellers who were unable to upload photos to their listings. "Anybody else having difficulty uploading pictures today," asked one seller. "I've Tried 2 different camera's but it just gives me an X in the photo box rather than a photo."

Another wrote, "Second Sunday in a row. This is my busiest day and I am loosing money."

As sellers are mentioning, the problem is a recurring one - EcommerceBytes wrote about the same issue a week ago in this article titled, eBay Loses Photos on Busiest Day of the Week. One seller wrote on the EcommerceBytes LinkedIn groups, "eBay photo up-loader down for the second week in a row. eBay really does not want us listing for the holidays. Second week in a row photos won't up-load. What a mess!"

eBay has not posted the problem on its Systems Announcement board, but EcommerceBytes readers reported the problem on the Ecommerce EKG board:

"Having issues uploading photos. Not showing up after being uploaded. If I try to revise the listing and then try to edit the photos, I get the error message WC003 - File Not Found in the photo boxes instead of the photos. Seems to be an issue accessing their photo server."

"Have been editing some of my listings today 9/29/2013. the pictures are vanishing. We are only editing text and description not the pictures. So why are pictures vanishing?"

EcommerceBytes sent an inquiry to eBay on Sunday afternoon, we'll update here as warranted.

Please indicate if you're experiencing this problem or not on Ecommerce EKG.

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