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PayPal Denies Site Downtime on Wednesday

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Some people were experiencing a number of technical issues when trying to log in to PayPal or access certain features of the site on Wednesday afternoon, but a PayPal spokesperson said the site had not gone down.

A site that monitors website uptimes substantiated the reports in a graph that shows "widespread service disruption" on PayPal yesterday. DownRightNow uses its member reporting, Twitter reports and feeds and official announcements in its display.

A reader reported experiencing a problem on Ecommerce EKG, writing, "PayPal customer service confirms a known system outage which is preventing sellers from being able to access recent transactions and prevents recent account history from being displayed. Customer service says the issue is being worked on but there is no estimate for when the system will be restored and normal activity will resume."

PayPal spokesperson Jennifer Hakes told EcommerceBytes, "Looks like we're seeing some intermittent login issues with the app, but we believe it'll be resolved soon." She said it only impacted the PayPal mobile app, and she said PayPal had not been down. She later reported that the login issues had been resolved.

A check of Twitter revealed a number of people wondering if PayPal was down - and it appeared third-party merchant sites were impacted as well.

A reader keeping us up to date wrote, "Login takes several minutes before successful. On one account, I still can not see any recent transactions, on the other account, recent transactions are visible however, page transitions take so long it is impossible to get anything done. I tried to process a shipping label through eBay because PayPal was taking so long, but the connection to eBay shipping took so long I simply gave up."

He suggested that sellers contact eBay if they were having difficulties. "Affected sellers who have Business Practices set up with same day shipping will not be able to meet deadlines, and should contact eBay so they make a notation on the account and do not penalize the sellers if they are unable to complete same day shipping transactions due to the PayPal system issues."

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