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eBay Retests Sales Maximizer to Empower Seller Promotions

By Julia Wilkinson

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While Amazon recently announced new promotion features for sellers, eBay has had a "Sales Maximizer" tool for a while now, although not many sellers seem to be aware of it. According to one eBay developer (who did not wish to be named), "eBay restarted testing on it," and it "should be released soon."

According to eBay's page about the Sales Maximizer tool, it is designed to let sellers create three different kinds of promotional offers:

  • One: Volume Offers, which "encourage buyers to spend more or add more items to their orders with a discount," e.g. "Save $10 when you spend $100 or more."

  • Two: Related items offers, to cross-sell additional related items (such as accessories) by providing an incentive offer. E.g. "Buy a TV, get $25 off a Blu-Ray player."

  • Three: Sale event offers, to automatically reduce merchandise prices on a "Sale page." E.g. "Save up to 30% on all women's Prada shoes."

A fourth type of offer is also on the page, called a "Conditional Free Shipping offer," to "automatically merchandise items that qualify for a promotional free shipping offer." E.g., "Free shipping on orders over $100."

Although several eBayers discussing the tool seemed eager to use it, some had encountered various problems. One user wrote, "I can't seem to get it to work. Whenever I try to setup a sale - I get a warning that says I need to complete the fields highlighted below," on the Sales Maximizer Tool board under Seller Central.

"Nothing is highlighted, and I cannot find anything left uncompleted, the user continued. I can't get further than that - tried a few different browsers."

"I would love to use it but I cannot get a photo to upload," said another eBayer, asking, "Has anyone been able to upload pictures?"

Another user replied, "Photo is new and i guess no one tested it...enter a listing ID and then it will work, but have no idea where the image shows up."

But one eBayer said they had the same problem, but found that the problem was they were not clicking the "Add inclusion rule" button." They added, "If call eBay support for help make sure you ask them to transfer you to the seller tools team. They are all US-based and very helpful."

eBay spokesperson Ryan Moore told EcommerceBytes that the Sales Maximizer tool was currently being beta-tested with a small segment of eBay sellers. "We plan to utilize customer feedback to improve the user experience prior to making the tool available to a wider audience."

Moore said eBay encourages sellers who experience any technical issues with the tool to contact eBay's Listing Tools customer support team.

This article was updated on 8/21/13 to add eBay's response.

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