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Tophatter Auction Platform Launches on the iPad

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Online auction site Tophatter has launched a new app for the iPad in its bid to attract shoppers. Tophatter tries to inject the excitement of a real live auction in the virtual world of the Internet. Animated characters fill the auction floors, complete with virtual paddles that raise when users bid in real time.

"With lightning-quick auctions lasting 90 seconds, there is no need to suffer through days of waiting to know if you've won or lost your item," the company explains. "You make the bids, chat with other bidders - and the seller - and hopefully come out a winner with items starting as low as $1.00."

Cofounder Ashvin Kumar explains that Tophatter designed the site to feature the best part of the auction - the final few minutes where items are won or lost.

Tophatter launched its mobile app a few months ago and said over 400,000 users have downloaded the app for iPhone. The new iPad app combines the larger screen for browsing and viewing, while still offering mobility. The company says the iPad layout comes complete with different auction rooms, lists of sale items, and the chat feature all in one place. "Users can easily chat with both bidders and sellers, discover new items, and bid all without having to switch between screens."

Tophatter is doing $100,000 in sales per day and reports having "thousands" of active sellers each month, but is not disclosing the total number of users at this time. EcommerceBytes profiled TopHatter in March, reporting that jewelry, fashion, craft supplies, beauty and accessories that appeal to women tend to do well on Tophatter and interviewing some sellers about their experience on the site.

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