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Amazon Adds Seller Promotion Features to Media Categories

By Julia Wilkinson

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Amazon sellers now have more tools in their arsenal to spur purchases of their products, at least in several media categories. Amazon introduced Promotion Features in the Books, Music, Video and DVD Categories. The Promotions are of three types: "Money Off, Buy One Get One and External Benefits," said Amazon in an email to sellers on Aug. 16.

Amazon explained the promotions and gave examples for each type:

Money Off: Seller offers certain dollar or percentage off discount on qualifying items when purchase threshold (amount or quantity) is met.

Spend $25 or more and receive $5 off.
Save 30% on this item when you purchase one or more qualifying items.
For every 5 pairs of socks purchased, save 20%.

Buy One Get One: Seller offers free item(s) when purchase threshold is met.

Buy 2 lipsticks, and get 1 free.
Buy a muffin pan and get a box of muffin cups free.

External Benefits: Seller offers post-order benefits to customers.

Spend $500 and get 50 member loyalty points.

Sellers can specify other parameters for promotions, such as the dates the promotion will start and end, and which items the promotion will apply to, or whether it applies to their entire catalog.

To create a promotion, from their seller account, sellers click the Advertising tab - Manage Promotions - Create a promotion. From there they can choose from the different types of promotions to create one. Sellers can learn more at Understanding Promotions and Creating a Promotion.

There was a modest amount of reaction to the announcement on Amazon seller boards. In one Facebook group, a seller said he was trying out a promotion for 10% off with minimum $25 purchase. "Maybe it's the "magic" 25!" he wrote.

Some other sellers seemed confused as to when a promotion would be visible to shoppers; at the listing page or only when the buyer gets to checkout. "The promotion will not be displayed on the main product page if you don't own the Buy Box," wrote one seller in an Amazon Seller Community Ask Amazon Seller Services thread. But, they said, "It may be displayed on the detailed offer page (the one that shows the list of sellers by condition type)."

"We display your promotion on the product detail page only when your offer wins the Buy Box," Amazon explains on its Understanding Promotions page. "We do not guarantee that any particular seller's listing will win the Buy Box."

Amazon did not respond to our inquiries about details of the promotional features by press time.

How effective do you think these new promotions will be? And do markdowns on eBay and other sites work well for you? Comment on the AuctionBytes Blog.

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