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eBay Says It Hasn't Forced Sellers into Managed Returns Program

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eBay sellers were livid to learn they had been opted in to the marketplace's Managed Returns program without their permission, but eBay said it has not actually done so, despite appearances.

Sellers began noticing this week that sometime late last week, their settings showed eBay had enrolled them in Managed Returns, a program in which buyers are allowed to return items for any reason and without having to contact the seller first. eBay spokesperson Ryan Moore provided a statement to EcommerceBytes on Friday morning about the issue:

"We've identified a technical issue with the My eBay dashboard, which is currently displaying inaccurate enrollment status for certain seller preferences, including eBay's Returns program. There have been no instances in which we've automatically enrolled sellers into eBay's Returns program and we honor a seller's decision to opt out of the program if they wish. For clarification, the issues lies within My eBay not displaying accurate information for certain seller preferences. We're actively working on a fix to resolve this issue."

In a followup, Moore said issue only lies within My eBay not displaying accurate information and said, "Listings are displaying accurate information with a seller's own preferred return policies." We asked Moore what other seller preferences were impacted by the glitch, and when eBay expected to fix the glitch, but he has not yet replied.

It's been interesting to hear from readers about what eBay's customer service representatives are telling them about the issue. A seller wrote late last night saying a rep told her that eBay would work faster to fix the glitch once they knew how many sellers were affected. "Sellers need to call eBay and let them know that they have been opted in when they did not want to be opted in. She also told me that when a Seller edits that preference to "No" and saves it, even though it says "Yes" on the Preferences page, it means No (typical of eBay)."

eBay has not posted an announcement about the technical issue on the Systems Announcement board.

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Update 8/18/13: Sellers are reporting that the problem has been fixed.

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