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eBay Expands Its Delivery Service Test to the Desktop

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While many features and services start on the desktop and then move to mobile, eBay started its same-day delivery service on a mobile app and is now expanding it to the desktop.

The eBay Now mobile app lets users in New York City, San Francisco and San Jose, California, order items from brick-and-mortar chain stores such as ToysRUs and Macy's and receive them from an eBay courier to a specified location within the hour. eBay Now charges $5 per delivery (per store) with a $25 minimum order.

eBay announced today it was expanding eBay Now to the desktop and, in its words, "moving closer to making its "store to door" shopping experience available on all screens."

eBay Now is also expanding service coverage to the Bay Area Peninsula (California), Brooklyn and Queens (New York) today. It will debut in Chicago and Dallas later this summer.

eBay's Vice President of Local and Mobile Dane Glasgow said more than half of eBay Now orders are made between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. when customers are usually at work.

In its announcement, eBay said, "Through eBay Now and other innovations coming later this year (such as the integration of in-store pickup onto and a new shopping experience that connecta (sic) consumers to small businesses in local neighborhoods), eBay is providing another channel for retailers to reach customers, while giving consumers additional choice in where, when and how they shop."

Last week, eBay CEO John Donahoe said the company also planned to expand the inventory available for purchase through eBay Now to local sellers on The eBay Marketplace volume and the retailer volume provides eBay with "the most compelling economics," he said, a reference to other companies' attempts at creating same-day delivery services.

He also envisioned experimenting with other delivery approaches (eBay currently pays its own couriers, which may not allow eBay to break even on the service), including taking more of a marketplace approach where independent vetted couriers could bid on deliveries.

eBay Now can be accessed on desktop and laptops at

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