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Google Pins Hopes on Wallet for Access to Checkout

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Google may have given up on being a payment processor when it announced in May it was closing its Google Checkout product in mid-November, but it is not giving up trying to gain access to checkout, especially when it comes to mobile checkout.

On Tuesday Google issued a reminder about its Google Wallet, which lets users manage their payment methods and easily pay for items without entering billing and shipping information each time they make a purchase.

And now, Google said, "you can make purchases on popular Android apps and mobile sites in as few as two clicks - just look for the "Buy with Google" button at checkout." The advantage? "Your information is securely applied so you don't have to type 16-digit credit card numbers over and over again."

The company is also offering special deals for users who shop with Google Wallet on certain Android apps and mobile sites. For instance, shoppers can receive $15 off a purchase at Newegg or 10% off a hotel booking at Expedia - if they use Google Wallet and shop at the mobile website or using the Android app of the merchant.

Google also sees its Wallet enabling certain P2P transactions, according to a TechCrunch article written back in May, when it said Google would use its Gmail service to allow users to "attach" money to their emails.

While PayPal might be the first payments service to come to most people's minds, there are lots of companies gaining traction in the payments space, not the least of which is Amazon and Visa, which is launching its PayPal rival in Australia.

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