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eBay Expands Same Day Delivery Service

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eBay is expanding its same-day delivery service, eBay Now, which can be used to order items from brick-and-mortar retailer such as Urban Outfitters, ToysRUs, Macy's, Walgreens, Home Depot, Target - though not listings from its own online marketplace. The service is currently available in California and New York.

To use the eBay Now service, shoppers must use a mobile app - and on Tuesday, eBay updated its iPhone app. The new eBay Now 2.0 enhancements include the ability to pay with PayPal or credit card at the time of order, a visual redesign for better browsing, the ability to shop while waiting for the valet to deliver an order, and improved search.

eBay said it would also soon introduce a new eBay Now app for Android. eBay Now is also available on a mobile Web version, so any customer with a smartphone in a designated market can use the service by visiting through a mobile browser.

In the coming weeks, eBay will expand its existing delivery zones to the Bay Area Peninsula, Queens and Brooklyn, and this summer, it will add Chicago and Dallas to the service.

According to the company, consumers are using eBay Now in two ways: "First, shoppers appreciate the immediacy of eBay Now, using it to replace forgotten necessities like phone chargers. A sign of the rising temperatures, eBay Now has seen an increase in orders for small air conditioners, particularly in New York.

"Busy shoppers are also using eBay Now for its convenience, ordering everyday items like toasters and even iPads. They use eBay Now when they're away from home and busy with their daily lives. The service is most popular between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. when our customers are usually at work. eBay Now helps consumers prepare for their weekends, as Fridays are consistently one of the most popular shopping days."

It costs shoppers $5 to get a delivery through the eBay Now service, and items generally arrive within an hour. More information is available on the eBay Mobile app site.

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