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Google to License Ratings Data for Merchants

By David A. Utter

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Customer ratings and reviews have grown in prominence in ecommerce. Visitors to an ecommerce site look for this kind of information when considering a purchase. The presence, or lack thereof, of ratings looks like a significant factor in a consumer's purchasing decision.

Google believes in the power of ratings and reviews. Their overview of the mobile ad segment alone showed a 7.5 percent increase in clickthrough rates for ad campaigns that included Seller Ratings over those without.

The company just made a deal that will bring even more customer ratings and data to merchants on Google's shopping platforms, as the search ad company seeks out a greater role in ecommerce. Google has agreed to license ratings and performance data from StellaSERVICE to help with this initiative.

Google Shopping's Brian Marquardt said in a statement, "We're focused on making it easy for people to find exactly what they want at the best online stores. The data we receive from STELLAService will help give shoppers the confidence that they’re buying from a store that provides a consistently excellent shopping experience."

StellaSERVICE runs tests where they evaluate a site's customer support, along with that site's ordering and return processes and procedures. With the company's deal with Google, the ratings derived from that process will be used across Google's ecommerce presence, including its Trusted Stores.

The deal has an obvious benefit for consumers, but also for ecommerce pros who have been working with Google and deliver quality customer experiences today. Those online sellers will have an initial advantage over others who may have to work at improving their processes to gain a better rating.

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