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ZooZ Lets Mobile Shoppers Tap an Ad to Buy

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Conventional thinking states the more clicks between your ad and the checkout page, the more likely shoppers will abandon the purchase before completion - especially on mobile devices. So what if shoppers could purchase your product directly in the ad itself? That's the thinking behind a new offering from ZooZ announced at today's Finovate Spring conference.

ZooZ provides a payment solution for ecommerce websites and mobile apps, offering merchants a streamlined checkout process that works with multiple online payment processors including PayPal and credit card merchant accounts.

The company's new In-Ad Payments combines mobile in-app payments with online advertising. ZooZ says its In-Ad Payments is significant because it enables ad networks and solution providers to introduce new monetization models that are based on actual commerce transactions and not just clicks.

Here's how it works: ZooZ In-Ad Payments enables mobile users to checkout with one tap within a visible banner ad inside of an app. After tapping on the ad, ZooZ's checkout will pop in and present the mobile user with a full native checkout experience but without requiring one's credit card details to be re-entered.

EcommerceBytes spoke to Noam Inbar, Vice President of Business Development for ZooZ, about the new In-Ad Payments offering, which is currently in closed beta, and about the company's existing checkout offering.

Inbar said ZooZ encourages merchants to offer multiple payment methods and said its one-tap payment checkout experience increases conversions. She discussed the pros and cons of mobile websites versus mobile apps for online merchants and explained ZooZ's pricing model. Listen to the interview on the Ecommerce Industry SoundBytes podcast.

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