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Strange Pop Up on eBay Is A Recurring Problem

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Every once in a while there are reports of a strange pop-up box appearing on eBay as sellers try to list, and Thursday was one of those days.

A seller posted the problem on the eBay discussion boards, writing that she was getting the message while listing via "sell similar." Other sellers said it happened at different points in the listing process, and even when simply browsing listings.

"Didn't happen with the first, but with the second listing. I can cancel but it comes right back up," she wrote, and pasted in the text of the message:

To view this page, you must log in to this area on FE Build-A-Pool PROD Auth Your password will be sent unencrypted. Name____________ Password_________ (check box) Remember this password in my keychain
Cancel Log in

Another seller said the popup box was preventing her from listing, writing, "I'm on hold with ebay now to see about this. I literally cannot list." Eight minutes later she wrote, "Ebay disconnected me. I may just go do something else."

Another seller wrote, "Ebay disconnected me, too, but not before assuring me this message is NOT from eBay..."

There are also several threads about the glitch on the eBay Technical Issues board, such as this one, and sellers are concerned that buyers will think the problem is their fault. Many eBay users are fearful the pop up box is a phishing attempt.

As someone pointed out in the thread, EcommerceBytes previously reported this problem, which is a recurring glitch of some kind. We're waiting a response from eBay.

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