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Why Tablet Users Are Couch Shopping Your Site

By David A. Utter

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New research from the Adobe Digital Index on tablets and smartphones, analysis of 100 billion visits to over one thousand global websites, showed tablets exceeding smartphones in terms of internet traffic. While smartphones provided 7 percent of this traffic, tablets delivered 8 percent.

"During the past holiday season we saw that 13.5% of all online sales were transacted via tablets," Adobe's Tyler White wrote. Adobe also found internet users prefer tablets most when engaging in retail and ecommerce related activities.

For ecommerce pros, the tablet, part of a category introduced less than three years ago, has become prominent in retail activities. People like the larger yet compact form factor of tablets, allowing them to be used from comfy places like the couch.

From Adobe's data, websites in the retail category see 10 percent of their traffic coming from tablets. Sites dealing in automotive and travel-related ecommerce also see significant visits from tablet browsers.

Adobe's research suggests online sellers should ensure they provide a quality experience for tablet visitors. "They want more personalized experiences. When they opt for their tablet they aren't just price comparing, they're purchasing," said White.

Ecommerce sites will want to pay attention to how their sites look on tablet screens. Website data showing details like referral sources and visits coming from wi-fi connections should be a good place to start. Adobe said the data shows tablet use is increasing; it seems likely online sales through that contact point will go up as well.

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