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Etsy Changes Activity Feeds - What's It Mean?

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Back in 2010, Etsy launched some features including Circles and Activity Feeds so users could "follow" other users - the new social-shopping features were designed to make browsing easier and more fun. This week, Etsy is making some changes to its Activity Feeds and will rename "circle" to "follow."

Many marketplaces are going to a more visual look-and-feel on their websites - visit eBay's homepage and you'll be presented with a similar collage of items, but one that relies on your interests rather than the users you "follow."

So where do you find the activity feed on Etsy? The average shopper might miss it entirely. It's a round icon on the top nav bar, to the right of the bright orange Etsy logo. If you hover your mouse over the circle, the word "Activity" appears. Clicking on it brings you to a collage filled with photos of items that people you follow have liked, or rather, "favorited."

Etsy said the Activity Feed will continue to work the same way it does today: following a member allows you to see their activity on the site, such as recent favorites or treasuries they've created. But the images will be larger with more items shown per page.

Etsy said the new Activity Feed has simplified navigation for shoppers: "You now have one feed that combines your activity and your followers' activity." In addition, sellers have a designated shop feed so they can see their shop activity in one place.

Etsy said shoppers who use the redesigned Activity Feed have higher engagement including favoriting more items, shops, and treasuries and following more members.

Etsy moderators answered questions from users in this discussion thread.

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