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Another eBay Promo, Sellers Tire of Being Excluded

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eBay is running another invitation-only listing promotion, and some sellers are taking to eBay's Facebook page and discussion boards to ask why they're always excluded from participating in the free listings.

This week's eBay promotion lets sellers list up to 50,000 auction listings with zero listing fees - but only for sellers who receive an invitation. Sellers who qualify for participation will have received an email, and/or a message in My eBay. The promotion is activated with the seller's qualifying eBay User ID and is not transferable.

An eBay seller who did not receive any invitations to participate in the recent slew of private promotions wrote on eBay's Facebook page, "Excluded from another listing sale!! Why is it with almost 4300 feedback and selling on Ebay for 8 years that I never get an invitation to these sales?? It sure doesn't seem fair to me!!"

Other Facebook members agreed, one writing, "I would think at this time of year they might would just do a listing special for everyone."

She also responded to another post on eBay's Facebook page from a seller who was excluded from the promotion by writing, "Because the team that has cone up with this new invite only system doesn't understand it's actually losing them money. Maybe someone with half a brain will figure that out. They are counting on full time sellers to continue paying for auctions while small sellers get them free."

Another Facebooker asked, "Why do I always get excluded from selling specials five years of selling and I never get invited but my husband who does not sell gets invited all the time not right."

Such posts on Facebook, eBay discussion boards (such as this thread) and the EcommerceBytes blog over the past few months show some confusion over who exactly is benefiting from the private promotions - is eBay sending invitations to new sellers or longtime sellers, large sellers or small sellers?

An EcommerceBytes reader who regularly receives some but not all of the promotion invitations received an invitation to this week's promotion on only one of her accounts, this time on one of her unused accounts.

"Still, I will test it as I didn't get an email on my most active selling account last time but when I listed, I received the rate," she said. "Also, when I looked at my invoice, I apparently was included in the Fixed Price promo Nov. 12-14 as I never got an email, but received credits for my Nov. 12 fixed price listings on the 13th . Now I'm going to check my credits daily."

The current promotion runs from December 6 - 16, 2012. Sellers may also add the Buy It Now option to the listings for free, and sellers can add 10-day duration for free to new auction listings scheduled to start during the promotion period.

All existing selling limits as well as category and item limits apply and may prevent sellers from creating the maximum number of listings in the promotion. All other fees apply, see eBay website for details and restrictions.

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