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Etsy Reconsiders Decision Not to Run Cyber Monday Banner

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While most ecommerce sites advertised Cyber Monday deals on their homepages yesterday, including marketplace giants eBay and Amazon, Etsy's homepage was free of any holiday banners, much to the chagrin of its sellers who were counting on holiday shoppers to boost sales.

Etsy had encouraged its sellers to tag items that offer promotions (items that included discounts or extra bonuses) with the tags "Black Friday Etsy" and "Cyber Monday Etsy." However, sellers felt Etsy did not do enough to promote those items over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and an Etsy administrator said it would do better in the future.

One seller said she felt Etsy didn't do much to promote Etsy listings on its own site or on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook over the holiday weekend, especially aggravating after she had taken the time to tag her listings.

"I had more sales the week prior than during Black Friday and my views today have been lower than usual. I am truly mystified by this move. What could the logic possibly be? Why in the world would Etsy choose to make sure they have less sales on the two biggest shopping days of the year?"

Etsy forum administrator Marie Kelly responded to seller criticism on the Etsy discussion boards, writing that Etsy chose not to run a front page banner for Cyber Monday. "Our Team made the decision to run promotions, off Etsy, for Cyber Monday as a way to bring new and existing shoppers to the site. For example, we're highlighting the sale in our newsletters, social media, and online ads. For those of you who have tagged your items in anticipation for "Cyber Monday", those items will have the potential to display in related search engine results such as Google."

A little later, Kelly added, "Jumping back in to say, thank you all for feedback. We realize, in anticipation, for large shopping days such as Cyber Monday that we need to provide better tools for site-wide sales and enhanced ways to promote them. This is something we hope to work on in the new year."

Sellers also said the static homepage images promoting three categories (Holidays, Gifts for Her and Gifts for Kids and Babies) were missed opportunities. "If there were different categories showcased everyday, people might actually tune in more often, just to see what category is there today... or refresh to see new items," wrote a seller on the eBay discussion boards.

Most sellers on this thread reported low views from Cyber Monday tags, but some sellers reported sales had picked up. "I only changed the tags on 1/3 of my items, but I've gotten 24 views and 3 sales from Black Friday & Cyber Monday tags. Was worth the minor effort of retagging for me."

Etsy recently added a "Holiday" link to its homepage "browse" feature that replaced a list of categories.

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