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eBay Revamps MySpace-like Social Networking Feature

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eBay announced it is updating the look and feel of MyWorld pages, a place where users can share information about themselves and can promote what they sell on eBay. It will also retire certain features, including "Neighborhoods" and "Guestbooks."

eBay had launched MyWorld in 2006 and, like the site MySpace which was popular at the time, it was designed to enable users to "showcase your personality and interests by combining many of the features already available on eBay." MyWorld let users draw from existing features on eBay, such as their feedback profiles and eBay Blogs (yes, eBay let users set up blogs), as well as allowing them to add new content, such as a bio and photos.

MyWorld, blogs and neighborhoods were all designed to enable social networking but were also a part of eBay's search engine optimization strategy.

Thursday's announcement said eBay would change the feature from "MyWorld" to "(User ID) Profile." Users will no longer be able to customize the page, and current URLs to the MyWorld pages will be replaced with a new user ID-based URL ([ebayID]). Visitors will be automatically redirected to the new URLs.

The updates will launch to a small percentage of MyWorld profiles in September, with all MyWorld profiles updated by the end of October. See details on the eBay Announcement board.

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