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Japan Post to Help Japanese Sellers List on eBay Global Marketplaces

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Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reports that the Japanese postal service is entering into an agreement with eBay to allow Japanese Internet users to more easily sell items overseas. According to the report, eBay wants to expand its user base in Japan.

Given the success PayPal is having helping Chinese sellers export goods via eBay, the move may as much about increasing PayPal's cross-border trade than about expanding eBay's presence in Asia.

eBay had left Japan in 2002 after a trouncing by Yahoo Auctions Japan, and five years later Yahoo Japan Corp and eBay entered into a cooperative deal called Shop Airlines, or Sekaimon, a Japanese-language "concierge" site that helps Yahoo Japan users bid for eBay items.

Last year, eBay entered into an agreement with the founder of Gmarket, the Korean marketplace it acquired in 2009, to expand Gmarket's existing online marketplaces in Japan and Singapore.

Under the new agreement to be announced on Tuesday, Japan Post will provide English-language support for listing items on eBay and may offer a 20-30% discount for eBay-related international postage. The newspaper said, "Under the system, which will automatically show the name and address of successful bidders in English, Japanese users will be able to produce all the necessary customs documentation in English simply by entering their name and address in English on eBay's site."

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