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PowerReviews Connects Brands and Retailers through Open Social Commerce Network

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PowerReviews launched an "open social commerce network" allowing any brand to syndicate customer conversations across the company's massive network of more than 5,500 sites, and giving retailers access to a massive pool of content that can be used to drive sales and search traffic.

The network maximizes the impact of consumer conversations by distributing them throughout its network, no matter where the content is generated. Both brands and retailers maintain complete control over who they share and receive content with, and daily, automated syndication through BrandShare ensures that that content is always fresh. There is no additional fee for retailers who are already using the PowerReviews platform.

PowerReviews' syndication product, BrandShare, automatically maps product catalogues between brands and retailers, and attributes content via a "Reviewed At" tag, thereby enhancing the brands' presence at the retail site. As part of the announcement, PowerReviews is inviting all brands to try the service for free for 12 months.

"We're taking valuable consumer-generated content from across the web and providing it to consumers at the most impactful time - the point of purchase," said PowerReviews CEO Pehr Luedtke. "PowerReviews is the only company whose open network is helping brands and retailers approach customer engagement in a strategic way to solve a real business need."

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