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Etsy Launches New Homepage for New Visitors, Adds Social Features

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Etsy is testing a new homepage designed specifically for first-time visitors that is designed to keep them on the site. It features Etsy's Taste Test, described as "a simple game you play to find items you like" that the company said had received very positive feedback when tested over the holidays. Etsy said, "Our goal is to learn a person's shopping preferences via a playful game, then show items that appeal to them."

Etsy will no longer display the hand-picked Treasury on the homepage, saying a "large flaw" of displaying one hand-picked Treasury to show to everyone who visits Etsy is the appearance of favoritism. "It is impossible for us to fairly represent all the shops on Etsy when we're curating the homepage from lists of items created by a tiny percentage of the overall community." Etsy said it still values member curation, and Treasuries will continue to be featured in the signed-in homepage, profiles, Etsy Finds emails, Circles & Activity Feeds, etc.

The new homepage is found here (you must be signed out to view the new homepage). Etsy said one percent of new visitors to Etsy will see the new design. "we're carefully measuring how it performs. We're looking at the bounce rate, registration rate, time on site and more. If we like what we see, we'll ramp up the percentage of new visitors who see this design. If not, back to the drawing board."

Etsy also introduced some social networking features, adding the ability to "Like" Etsy pages on Facebook or share them on Twitter with one click.

In addition, Etsy users can now view and "favorite" listings in discussion posts: if they copy and paste a product listing's URL into their discussion board post, an image of the item is rendered.

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