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Bonanza Gets Ready for Its First Rush Sale This Week

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Bonanza is holding its first Rush in the Antiques category on November 4th from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT. A "Rush," formerly called a Bonanza before the marketplace changed its name from Bonanzle, is a limited-time sale focused made up of select Bonanza sellers in a particular category. The company said a Rush marries the appealing elements of flash-sales (deep discounts, tailored merchandise) with an open and social marketplace.

Sellers who are signed up to sell items in the Antiques Rush should have received an email notification on Monday that included the date and time along with a link to promote the Antiques Rush on Facebook and Twitter.

A multi-user chat with new private message capability will be available, and buyers will be able to initiate a private chat with each seller directly when looking at an item.

Bonanza plans to hold one Rush each weekday, but may add more in the future. Bonanza founder Bill Harding said, "Lots of entrepreneurs are getting funded on the backs of Groupon and Vente Privee, but no one has been able to translate the lessons from these businesses into a truly open multi-seller marketplace. Clearly there are some lessons to be learned if you look at the trucks of money VCs are dumping at their doorsteps. We think there's a big opportunity to innovate in making flash sales more social and dynamic."

More information about the new Rush sales is available on the FAQ page. The main Rush page shows scheduled sales, which include one in Blu-rays, DVDs, and movies on Friday, and Yard, garden, and outdoor living on Monday.

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