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eCrater Expands Internationally with UK Marketplace

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eCrater is one of those sites that's hard to define - it's part online marketplace, part storefront service, and some sellers swear by it - the site is very SEO friendly and gets good rankings in Google search results - not to mention it's free.

If you're one of eCrater's happy customers, you may be pleased to learn that it's launched a UK version at

eCrater founder Dimitar Slavov said there were many user requests to launch a marketplace in the UK, "so we just listened to our users."

In order to list products in the new marketplace, sellers must maintain prices in both U.S. dollars and British pounds (GBP), and they must ship to the UK. In addition to being listed on the U.S. and UK marketplaces, listings will also be posted to both Google Product Search and Google Product Search UK. In addition, all merchants will receive their own store under the domain.

Sellers can set prices by using a global editor using a fixed exchange rate. As real world currencies fluctuate, sellers can use the global editor to change the exchange rate if they wish. Sellers will also need to set UK shipping rates.

Buyers on pay in GBP; for sellers who accept it, PayPal gives them an option to keep the amount in GBP or convert it in USD, according to Slavov, who said Google Checkout does not currently support this. "If you would like to accept Google Checkout in eCRATER UK, you have to use your Google Checkout UK account. However one of the requirements to open such account is a bank account in GBP," he said.

Slavov said sellers on eCrater can accept offline payment options including checks and money orders, but eCrater recommends that merchants accept Google Checkout or Paypal; it does not currently accept Moneybookers or other online payment services.

eCrater has about 5,000 stores registered from UK. Slavov said the new marketplace is not only intended for them, but also for all U.S. merchants willing to price their products in GBP.

Details are found on the eCrater announcement board.

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