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Active eBay Accounts for Sale - Only $299!

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Did eBay suspend your account? Did PayPal place limits on your account? Several sites offer "seller ready" eBay accounts, Paypal verified accounts, and US bank accounts to get you back up and running selling on eBay. But who is behind these sites, and what does eBay think of them? is currently listing for sale a 6-month-old eBay account with 10 positive feedback that is phone verified and seller ready, normally priced at $387.99, on sale for $299.99 for a limited time.

The site claims to have a technical team that specializes in programming, coding, scripting that knows how to give you a fully working eBay account to get you back on track selling your merchandise. Lobbay says it uses a programming technique it has developed over the past 4 years, rather than setting up "normal" eBay accounts. "We invest a lot of time and money into Research & Development. We keep ourselves up to date and we maintain the highest quality services," according to the site.

Another site sells accounts and also allows approved third-parties to offer accounts on its forums. One seller, "Dr. Yes," offered several eBay account packages for sale including a 60-day-old eBay/PayPal seller account with phone and credit card verification for $225, with the option of adding 10 positive feedback ratings for an extra $75.

You can also do a search on Google for "ebay accounts for sale" and find a number of individuals selling what are purported to be their own eBay accounts for sale. AuctionBytes reached out to and to learn more about how their services work.

ModeeWorld did not respond by press time, but was very responsive - someone named Sam wrote back immediately, stating that his site existed to help people get back on eBay. "eBay has been suspending users with or without reasons since years. People get frustrated and have no other option but to register again and get suspended again. Therefore the reason we exist. We help people get back on eBay and try to run their businesses or accounts again."

Sam would not answer some of our questions "for security purposes," and would not discuss the methods used to create and sell eBay accounts or how many accounts Lobbay sells, but he said Lobbay creates several hundred eBay accounts a month.

"We assume that eBay does not like the kind of services that we offer," Sam said in an email. "But nothing is done illegally or against the law," and he said eBay had never gotten in touch with them. after selling eBay accounts via several sites for over 6 years.

Lobbay also offers a "Virtual credit card" that is "mainly purchased by our clients to pay their eBay seller fees. You can still use it for purchasing on other online stores," according to the website. Lobbay charges $34.95 - "you can load it with any amount for a fee of $7.95 per loading plus 7.99%. Cheapest rates online."

Like many offers on the Internet, seller-ready eBay accounts seem more than a little questionable, even if it weren't for the fact that it violates eBay policy (a user can not register a new account or use an existing account while their account is suspended).

We asked eBay for its stance on sites like and if it had ever tried to get them taken down, and what suspended eBay sellers should know when considering purchasing "seller ready eBay accounts" to get back on the site.

Spokesperson Johnna Hoff supplied the following statement via email: "We do not support activity that goes against our stated policies, which are in place to help maintain a safe buying and selling environment on eBay." However, it appears eBay is unable to prevent people from creating accounts for the sole purpose of reselling them.

Sam from Lobbay had an interesting offer for eBay in his email to us. "If (eBay) ever wish to close us down, they can simply pay us a substantial amount of money, and we would close down. We are open to dealing with them if you ever write your story and reach them. We can also teach them how we move around all their security systems."

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