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'Compare at eBay' Integrates Google and Amazon Search Results

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Colin Sebastian, Digital Media & Internet analyst at Lazard Capital Markets LLC, wrote a research report on Thursday about "Compare on eBay." The tool is part of eBay's Browser Highlighter download software, and it allows integration of listings within product and search pages on competing websites, including Amazon and Google.

The Compare on eBay functionality prominently highlights eBay on Google's search results page and Amazon's product search results page, and uncharacteristically directs traffic to eBay through a pop-up window on and For Google and Amazon, we see little benefit from the integration of this nature, as the feature modifies the search and shopping experience by allowing eBay to insert its logo on the search results page and direct clicks away from Amazon and eBay. In addition, the experiment risks adding clutter (logos) to Google's customarily pristine interface and alienating search advertisers that now must compete with an advertiser that receives preferential placement above the sponsored links.

Sebastian said that, if widely adopted, Compare on eBay "could result in higher conversion rates for eBay along with potentially lower customer acquisition costs." However, he said he was skeptical that Amazon and Google would permit the technology on their sites if usage ramps. "Specifically, the eBay tool modifies the search and shopping experience by inserting its logo on search and product pages and directing clicks away from Amazon and Google."

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