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He's Baaack - Vladuz 'Hacker' Taunts eBay

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A person eBay called a "known Romanian fraudster going by the handle Vladuz" appeared again on discussion boards on eBay's German site. This time, he created or possibly renamed an eBay customer service representative's User ID and posted under the name "vladuzsgi."

AuctionBytes first reported on an incident involving Vladuz on Thursday ( after eBay acknowledged that someone had gained access to a handful of customer service representatives' email accounts, without having accessed any customer data.

On Thursday, Vladuz was back on the eBay Germany boards. After eBay deleted his posts, vladuzsgi came back and wrote, "I hope eBay won't sue me for waking up their staff" before the entire thread was removed.

eBay spokesperson Hani Durzy said he did not intentionally mislead reporters when he said on Wednesday that eBay had successfully prevented Vladuz from continuing to access the handful of customer service email addresses, but said that was true to the best of eBay's knowledge at the time. "He's very good," Durzy said of Vladuz, "and apparently brazen." Durzy said to the best of eBay's knowledge, Vladuz has only had access to a handful of customer service representative accounts. He said there is no evidence that Vladuz has ever had access to customer databases.

Asked about what kind of notification eBay would give its community of users in the event of a breach, Durzy said there have been no full-scale security breaches, but if that were to ever occur, eBay would follow the requirements of disclosure mandated by law, "and then some."

Durzy added that eBay already notifies users in the event of account hijackings, something eBay says happens due to phishing attacks. He said when there is an account takeover, eBay shuts down the account and restores it to its rightful owner, who is notified fully of what happened.

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