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Terapeak Launches New eBay Research Tool

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eBay-certified research provider Terapeak announced the launch of two new redesigned research packages. The Research Advantage and Research Insight include more powerful eBay seller research, the release of Terapeak's new "one-click research," two years of category sales data, and a customizable layout based on three years of user feedback.

Terapeak has also added the ability to see the top sellers for any product on eBay. This allows sellers to understand exactly who they are competing against. Sellers can use this information to gauge their performance against the competition, capitalize on competitors' mistakes, and learn from what other sellers are doing right.

Terapeak provides eBay sellers with information to make better decisions, including those involving inventory and pricing. Terapeak's new "one-click research" provides users with instant suggestions on the best time to sell, which auction type to use, the most effective listing promotions, and even the keywords that result in a sale, without reloading the page.

Terapeak is also providing users with the ability to see 2 years of eBay category research. This helps sellers plan their seasonal sales by seeing the exact day that holiday sales begin to rise and fall. In addition, Terapeak has developed the first personalized and customizable research interface. Users can choose exactly what research they want to see, and where they want it displayed on the page.

To celebrate the launch, Terapeak is offering a free trial of its service.

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