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Band of eBay Sellers Petition Google to Open Auction Site

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A small group of eBay sellers launched a discussion group on Google Groups to "beg" Google to consider opening an auction site. The move comes after eBay announced a significant fee hike for Store inventory listings in an effort to "rebalance" the marketplace toward the core platform (non-Store listings).

The Google Group, called "Google We Need an Auction Site," was created on August 3 and had only 17 members. The Group had grown to a still-minute 80 members by August 9.

One poster wrote, "I am a small time ebay seller, who wanted to "ramp up" my sales, and was just gearing up to do so when ebay decided to "rebalance" their market place. I was squeezed out. There is no way I could keep my little store open. HELP ME GOOGLE!"

And a user with the ID "ebayslaveworker" wrote a post titled, "Please Google! Get this 800 pound gorilla monopoly off our backs."

A Canadian seller wrote, "From north of the border I can verify that Canadian seller would love to hear the news that you are starting up an auction platform. I'd lead the pack to your door! Many long-standing sellers, carrying great feedback and a loyal following of customers woul love the news that Google is ready to enter the online auction markets. We'd all be there in a nanosecond with our honest work ethics intact and our customers following us soon after. Please consider our plea."

eBay Storeowners have two weeks left to adjust to the fee hikes, which go into effect on August 22.

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